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Mr. Black & Mr. White: Masters of Domination by [Keys, Ellie]Title: Mr. Black & Mr. White: Masters of Domination

Author: Ellie Keys

Genre: Erotica

Publication Date: August 16, 2016


Blurb from GoodReads:

Brought up in a world they didn’t ask to be a part of, these two men do what is needed to make a name for themselves and take control of a situation they never wanted to have to deal with.
Mr. black is the passionate, controlled one of the two. Everything is about the end result. The peaks and valleys suit his rough and tumble nature.
Mr. white is the clean cut, crisp and sometimes cruel one of the two. All that he is has to do with the details.
The pleasure found when these two work in tandem is awe inspiring enough to cause members of their society to work together to rid their group of two of the most renowned names to ever step foot in a playroom.
When a past incident comes to light and the one they left behind is threatened, will the two do what is necessary to save her or will the masters of Domination make the ultimate sacrifice.

Deception is a game best played by a master!!

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Author Bio:

Ellie KeysEllie Keys is a Mystery/Thriller and Romance author. The more diabolical the read the better. One of her pet peeves is being able to guess the ending before she gets there. She also enjoys reading all things romance, whether it’s paranormal, mythological, mystery or contemporary doesn’t matter. Her favorite things to do are mostly centered around books. Other pastimes are going to the movies, playing around on social media and she’s addicted to word games: Scrabble, Text Twist, Wheel of Fortune. Cookie Jam and Bubble Witch have commandeered her free time lately.
Ellie Keys is from Michigan and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in psychology. This degree allows her acknowledge that she may be a little bit off because of all of the talk about hearing voices that don’t allow her to sleep. The good thing about that is she is in good company. She was happy to learn that she wasn’t alone when she talked to other authors.

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Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 4)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Charlie’s Activation is Book 4 and tells the story of Charles Hitchens. The story of the youngest member of the crew and his surprise initiation into the field agent status. His unlikely partner surprises him when she goes against her “sex and nothing more” rule. He was all for it because he can’t have anything serious in his life even if it is the best experience he’s ever had. Is it willing to let go of it just because his hands are tied? 

Here is chapter one:

“Hold on a minute! You want me to impersonate a captain. I’m a petty officer. Do you know what that means?”

Charlie’s voice raised an octave as the details of the mission were relayed to him by the lead dog in charge, Brian “Ghost” Wallace. This was something he’d been wanting for the last two years. Taking off to save Brian and Trig a few months back finally nudged his superior officer in the right direction. It helped that every other member of the team endorsed his request. He was finally taking point on an op and he was scared shitless. He was especially frightened to death of the fact that he was being sent in impersonating a rank well above his pay grade.

“Yes. I know damn well what that means. Who better to impersonate someone of that caliber than a person that has had to take orders from one?”

Ghost looked as if he were running short on patience. Charlie hated when the head of the crew got like that. It usually meant that there would be hell to pay for someone soon. He didn’t need this opportunity to be snatched away before he was able to showcase what he’d learned from each of the members of the team and prove that he was more than a fact checker.

It still didn’t stop him from feeling a great desire to piss himself in that moment. He had to stop his thoughts from going the way they were. There was a lot riding on the information that he needed to obtain. He was going to have to get over himself. Charlie just had to make one more attempt at getting the magnitude of his “part” out into the open. It was more for his benefit than anyone else’s.

“I don’t think you get this. I’ve always been that guy in the background. I’ve never been at the forefront because I didn’t want to be the focus of anyone’s attention. I think I might be happy staying in the place of the follower.”

With an exasperated sigh, Ghost stood and began to make his way around the large conference room table.

“Charlie Boy. Charles. The team needs this. You are going to have to be the one to do this. We’re counting on you. Plus, you won’t be totally alone.”

“Really? You just said that no one else on the team can go in because they’re all too well known. Plus, half the team is too pregnant to enter the fray. Who else do you have? What ace in the hole is getting ready to take on the role of my sidekick?”

Just then a leggy blonde with honey tones in her skin and hair walked into the room. The waves of that hair fell around her shoulders. The hazel brown of her eyes sparkled like jewels. Charles’ body was at full attention and in major response mode as the curvaceous woman sauntered into the room.

Ace is exactly what he was thinking. Just so you know I’m nobody’s sidekick, sweetheart. Hey Ghost. Missed you.”

Charlie didn’t miss the “humph” that came from Isa’s direction. Neither did her husband, if the playful smirk that crossed his lips was any indicator.

“Yeah, I know, Ace, with every bullet thus far. Charles Hitchens meet Sabrina Allen. She will be going on this op with you as our in-house back up. Ace, Charles Hitchens or Charlie Boy needs to lead on this one. You can cue him, but it is his to work. He knows the territory better than you do.”

Brian moved to stand next to Trig and they shared a look. Charlie didn’t understand it, but Ghost nodded in response to whatever the unspoken statement was.

“I just bet he does. Can’t wait to see what kind of hands on approach happens with this one.”

Sabrina moved directly in front of Charlie and deliberately rubbed her body against his. There may have been some snickers, but he didn’t hear them because all functioning organs shut down as one rose to the occasion.

“Oh shit! Charlie Boy is in trouble. Dammit, if I weren’t already in love then I might …”

“Please Hounder finish that thought. I want you to finish that statement as I tote around yet another growth of your sperm in my belly. It will be your last statement and child.”

“Retract the claws, Sharp baby. You might want to be a little nicer to me this time around. Tommy Jr. looks exactly like me. Do you want our little girl looking the same?”

Wellsie smirked and produced her knife.

“I don’t mind the looks, handsome. It’s the nature of the man that I call into question. If what’s mine goes hunting elsewhere, believe me, you’ll wish you never had.”


“Well, now we know how she got her name.”

Sabrina’s smile was huge as she turned her wattage in Hounder’s direction.

“Hell yes! I knew I was going to love it here. Are all of the women as fiery as she is? If so, I’m about to have a fucking blast!” Sabrina pumped her fist in the air before turning and grabbing hold to Charlie’s collar. “Come on, Charlie Boy. Let’s get to your training. Everything we do has to be second nature if this thing is going to be believable. I suggest we fuck to get the sexual tension out of the way. See you later, guys.”

Charlie felt like his balls were in his throat. Hounder’s nervous chuckle let him know that Wellsie hadn’t removed the blade from the base of the man’s nut sack. Trig’s tip of the hat said he knew better than to speak with Sam in the area. Apparently, Brian was immune to Sabrina’s charms or Isa’s presence ensured his inability to respond.

Instead, Brian called the rest of the team back into the main conference room. Some had dispersed to make some phone calls as part of their information gathering projects. No one else appeared to care that the woman who was just introduced to the group had stated the two of them, he and she, were getting ready to fuck and “get it over with.”

He should be worried, but he wasn’t. No, Charlie was on high alert and hopeful that this woman would make good on her statement.

Sabrina led them to a fancy town car equipped with a driver. The man nodded in response to the woman’s nod. She slid in first allowing her exposed legs to be the last thing in the backseat of the car. Her already short black skirt slid further up her legs. The view had Charlie trying his damndest not to swallow his own tongue. As soon as he was seated, she pushed a lever to put up the partition that blocked the view of the driver to the backseat.

“Morris, thirty minutes then to the place. Yes?”

“Yes ma’am,” was the driver’s immediate response before he disappeared behind the dark glass.

“Okay. Let’s see.”

She moved like a cat. Her mouth was on his and her tongue was sweeping in before the glass was completely in place. She moaned softly and he jumped in his pants.

“Like that, do you?”

Her hand had been placed on the seat, right between his thighs. She must have felt the movement. That same hand moved to undo his belt, jean button, then his zipper. Her hand was on him and stroking his length as if she held ownership of it. In that moment, she might as well have tattooed her name on it because he damn sure wasn’t any longer in control. When her mouth descended, he groaned. With the first flick of her tongue, he almost jolted out of his seat. The motion had him just that excited. He’d never had a woman as forward with him as she was.

They’d known each other five minutes and she already had hold of his balls. The beauty of the warmth of her mouth and the little flicks of the head of him had him wanting more. Charlie groaned and felt the tickle of her breath as she chuckled. His hands were in her hair as she moved to take him fully into her mouth. Sabrina let him guide her for a few moments before she took control of her motions again.

Lifting her head, she moved to sit back on the seat. Slipping her panties off, she guided his hand between her legs. One leg fell to the back of the seat, as the other hung off the other side. He was allowed to stroke and thumb her clit before having two of his fingers licked by her sensationally warm tongue, then guided between her legs and deep within her. After a few moments, she led those same fingers to his mouth and had him suck them off before taking them into her own. She produced a condom and put it on before straddling him. Once she was there, Sabrina kissed him long and hard. All he could do was enjoy the ride. Keeping a steady yet fast pace, they both soon fell into a feeling of fucking oblivion. He came down from the high of his embarrassingly quick orgasm to her fixing her skirt. She slid him back into the security of his briefs before sliding her panties into his pocket.

“That was fucking hot,” he breathed out.

“But wait, there’s more.”

The car stopped. Had it been thirty minutes already? She stepped from the car and walked around to his side. When they had both exited the car, he realized they were in front of a townhouse. It was a pretty standard looking home from the outside. Taking his hand, she led him up the stairs to the porch. Producing a key from a purse he hadn’t realized she had, she unlocked the door. Before the door was secured, she was pulling clothes from her body.

“You can have me any way you want me today, tonight, and tomorrow morning. Every surface in this house is available for your use. After that, we get down to business. I figure, if we’re selling possessiveness, then you have to possess me. You can’t do that if you don’t know every inch of my body like the back of your hand. Now strip, Charlie Boy, and fuck me until you can’t fuck me anymore then fuck me again.”

“With pleasure.”

For the next thirty-three hours, that is what he did. There wasn’t a surface of that two-story home that hadn’t been touched by one or more parts of their body.

“Fuck if that shit wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I’m going to allow you another hour, Petty Officer. I need to know when I ache it’s because I’ve been filled by you.”

“More than a mouthful. It doesn’t matter which opening you take me. I’ll fill it as many times as you want me to.”

“I can definitely vouch for that.”

His lips met hers and he couldn’t get between her legs fast enough. Their phones rang simultaneously as he began to take her against the wall of the main hall. He was pounding into her as the familiar ringtone that said Brian was calling rang out in the house. They shared a look that said they weren’t stopping until they’d climaxed. His first thought was for them to finish what they’d started, but knew that they didn’t have time for those kinds of antics. They would both have to settle for one more climax before hightailing it back to headquarters.

“Harder. Please, Charlie Boy. Just a little bit …”

“Come on. You’re there. I know what’s mine. Give. Me. My. Fucking. REWARD!”

They both detonated at the same time their phones began to ring again.

“Damn, if he doesn’t have perfect timing.”

Charlie slid from her and felt a slight bit of pride mixed with shame as he felt the evidence that he hadn’t been wearing a condom begin to run down her thigh. He looked at Sabrina and she just shrugged.

“We will deal with that when it becomes an issue. I am not going to say I regret any parts of what just happened. It felt too damn good to say it was wrong.”

With that, she turned to grab her ringing phone from the floor. He swatted her ass making her yelp as she answered.


He walked over and slid his hand under her chin. Kissing her, he moved to hit the speaker icon on her phone.

“… enough time. I hope the two of you have completed your fuck fest because we’ve got work to do. Your asses need to be clothed and here within twenty. Done?”

“Yes Sir.”

Both had responded at the same time. He could just see Brian shaking his head. The line went dead right after they responded.

“I believe I need to get you clean, Ace. I want to put one in the hole before I do that.”

“We have twenty minutes. I don’t think …” she looked down and changed her response. “Never mind. Let’s get that pole working, shall we?”

As promised, they were in the offices in twenty minutes. Their hair was still wet, but they were both clean, clothed and beyond satisfied.

Charlie's Activation


Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 1)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Brian’s Call is Book 1 and tells the story of Brian Wallace. It shares how he brought the team together and a little-known fact about his past. The  woman who held his heart is now a member of his new team. How shall this man deal with working with someone who chose to walk away from him years ago?

Here is chapter one:

The Introduction – Chapter 1


Brian Wallace is the self-proclaimed “token black” of their group. He always jokes that he doesn’t know why he hangs out with them, but they all know their very own “golden boy” wouldn’t have it any other way. At six feet five inches, 250 pounds of solid man, he is and will always be a beautiful being; drool worthy even. His beautiful, deep, chocolate brown skin is marred by a cut to his left cheek (Marine football tackle gone wrong) and a few moles. He has that big, pretty, Julia Roberts type of smile, but his seems to take over his entire face. The clean cut look (a completely bald head) he has been sporting recently is better received by the group over the braids that he formerly wore. His expressively bright, brown eyes crinkle in the corners when he smiles. He is also the unspoken protector.

Brian Wallace had been part of the Marine Corps until he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was a Sergeant Major in the service and enjoyed the time he was enlisted. The condition he now lives with caused him to walk away from everything for a while. He was honorably discharged from the Marines. Members of his former unit would regularly stop by the ranch-style house that he kept. They would come through and hang out with Sgt Major Wallace then move on. During those times, he wouldn’t be as available to hang out with them. He would make up for it when he returned or when his “buddies” left by hosting some crazy event at his place.

All of them were told that he worked at Whole Foods Market, but no one ever saw him in the store. He always parked outside the building in the employee parking lot. When anyone called, they were told that he was unavailable. His big black F-250 sometimes sits there for a few days. Sgt Major Brian dated a young woman by the name of Scarlett for a couple of months, but has recently been tied to another who goes by the name of Artemis. It is said that she was a goddess. They only dated for a few months as well, but neither woman could handle the very obvious “disappearing” acts. He let the second know he was there for her, but there were things that he had to tend to and he couldn’t be at her beck and call. With that statement, he had effectively ended their relationship. After some tense moments, they both agreed that they made better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

“What in the hell kind of report is this, Kevin? I’m looking to find out more information about the team we’ve heard reports that this man putting together and I feel like I’m looking at the beginnings of a love letter or homage to him. Who put this shit together? Was it you or Isa?”


A female’s barely suppressed groan comes through the comms as the two men stand poised to take a shot if they deemed it necessary. The two silently communicated that a change in position was needed to get a better line of sight on their target as well as the unsuspecting inside man who stood in the middle of the calm before the storm. The taller of the two stood and became a shadow as he moved through the night.

“Lead Dog, for such a mass of man, you sure know how to disappear like a damn ghost. Guess that’s why your name is fitting.”

A growl of disgust could be heard from a gruffer tone than the rich timber of the first male’s voice.

“Hound, watch Lucky, not me.”

“Got eyes, Lead Dog,” came a third male’s voice. It sounded as if it were coming from the bottom of a barrel. It was just that deep.

“Hey man, don’t imply I don’t. I’m focused on … shit! Movement. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the motherfucking prize. It’s going down.”

The prize was a suitcase full of weapons that was stolen from the docks the previous night. This step was going to get them a bit closer to the grand prize. Brian noted the win to himself. His man on the inside had the case in hand and was set to give the signal so that they could get moving. He’d wanted this quick and clean. It appeared that was exactly what he was going to get.

The sign was given just as he got into his new position. The man inside fired first and in quick succession three other shots were fired. Not one could be heard on the winds since silencers were used. As he moved to stand, two men came out of the shadows within the room to attack their guy inside from behind. Turning, Brian’s man fired the kill shot for one as the other was taken out by his fourth guy. Tipping his head, he acknowledged his man who was quick to respond. They each moved quickly to the rendezvous point.

Brian was giddy like a kid with a new toy as he thought about the team he’d assembled. The four members, who included himself, he already had in place worked well together. He hoped the added members would, as well. The next phase of the job depended on it.

Brian's Call Teaser 1

Brian's Call - Honor Anthology

***  AVAILABLE NOW   ***

Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (New Release)


***  AVAILABLE NOW   ***

Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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When Brian was thinking about who he would need for the mission he was assigned, he knew Trig was the first person to call. His Marine Corps brother would be there for him no matter what was needed.

The second on Brian’s short list was a guy that saved his ass in a bar in Ireland. The Cuban born, dark-brown-skinned male had stood out in the crowd. The women seemed to flock around the guy after hearing him speak his order for a set of shots, the hostess’ phone number, and a beer for the lady that was walking to the restroom. The woman’s sway of her hips had become more pronounced as the bartender snorted. At the time, Brian had shaken his head at the antics of the women and the response they had to the man. It was that response that had saved Brian’s life.

Brian and a mammoth-sized giant had gotten into a heated argument about soccer. Both had been drinking and quite possibly had downed one too many Guinnesses before arguing the same damn point. Thomas “Hounder” Madison had gotten one of the “lassies” that had been hanging on his every word to distract the big man with her “massive melons.” Those were Hounder’s words, not Brian’s.

The woman walked up to the “Mass Tech,” grabbed his hand, and slapped that huge paw of his under her shirt. When she began to react to his flicking thumb, the Samoan’s attention remained on her and Hounder walked Brian right out the front door. It wasn’t until later in the evening that Brian realized he’d left the case he’d been carrying at the bar. That was a sure sign that he’d had too much to drink. Brian never left signs that he’d been present in any area, not even his home. He knew he had to rectify that oversight. Prepping himself for the fight of his life, he was surprised to learn when he’d returned to the bar that the staff of the bar were looking for a way to carry the then-dead Samoan out of the building.

It was in that moment that he understood who he was dealing with. Brian would later learn that, Hounder, the former Army Ranger, was also a consultant that handled sticky situations. “Mass Tech,” the Samoan, was one of the most wanted “pimps” in the area. He ran a prostitution ring that also used some of the women to traffic drugs in and out of the country, dead and alive. The Samoan had apparently pissed off the wrong person, or the wrong person’s daughter was initiated because the Samoan and several of his associates were coughing up dirtballs that night. Hounder, the Cuban Killer, had been called in to “take care of things,” which explained why the man was no more. The sound of Hounder’s voice brought him back to the present.

“Ghost, you have got to stop denying the truth.”

“What truth?” Brian stopped his brisk, forward pace, placed one hand over his chest and the other on Hounder’s shoulder causing the other man to stop as well. “Are you finally coming out of the closet?”

“Shut the fuck up. You know I enjoy the … canal. The boat that rides along it is not my speed.”

Isabelle’s short, dark brown hair floated around her ears as she chuckled. She brought up the rear of the group. “That boat probably only strokes the surface. No person could get a good ride out of that thing. I feel sad for your conquests. I hope that’s not the reason they call you Hounder.”

Hounder stepped a little closer to Brian before whispering, “Are you sure she’s integral to the team dynamic?”

“Oh snap, two big words for Madison, y’all. Integral and dynamic were used and in the correct manner. We have to mark a calendar.”

The jovial, masculine voice belonged to the one they called Charlie Boy. He was one of the youngest of the new recruits. He’d only been in the area for two days, so he wasn’t included on any of their recent ops. The team needed to make sure he was ready. The “Golden Boy” looked too well-kempt for Brian’s good. He looked too clean, innocent, and green. Brian didn’t feel right getting the boy’s hands dirty. His short dark hair and smaller build on his solid frame said he still had some work to do before he was allowed out in the field. For now, he was helping Proph with research.

Shockingly enough, Hounder didn’t verbally respond. He just gave the kid a hand gesture. It didn’t stop the kid from continuing to talk shit to the other team members. On their way up, the four of them stated they wanted to do a walkthrough of the offices upon arriving. Brian had a feeling that was going to be put on hold for a few. The additional cars in the lot and around the building said the rest of the team was there, even if not in the offices. He and the other four were walking through the area making observations of the space when a beautiful woman walked out of one of the three grand-scale offices.

“Well, hello there, beautiful. My apologies for staring, but looking at you makes me tongue tied and stupefied.” Hounder leaned in to kiss her hand.

Isabelle rolled her beautiful, crystal blue eyes and almost missed the woman’s response. The woman spin-chopped Hounder’s chest then pressed her leg into his groin as she pushed him into a wall.

“Hello there, handsome. I’m Lieutenant Commander Wellsie Sharp and if you’re working here then you and I will be working together. One thing you should know is that the men I lay with know how to follow orders while still being a man. If you want this, then you need to prove to me that you can be that man, big boy. All this sexy won’t—I do mean won’t—settle for less. Sergeant Major Wallace, I’ll see you in twenty. Have fun boys and lady.”

Wellsie Sharp was the owner of that jasmine oil scent. Her creamy, caramel brown skin and dark brown eyes shined with a softness only she could carry off. Her dark brown, loose curls were wild on this day and fell around her shoulders. Her petite, but well-filled-out frame caused men to underestimate her strength. It was something she used to her advantage on a regular basis. She had assets that filled her out in all of the right places. He was a guy. He wouldn’t be that one if he didn’t notice. Brian began to inform the only other male in the room who didn’t know who she was just who the woman was that had hemmed him up.

“Staff Sergeant Madison, you’ve just met the latest addition to the crew and …”

“The woman that is about to set my life right. I cannot believe she’s been walking the face of the earth and I didn’t know it.”

“Cool your jets there, Tommy. I think we need to discuss the rules of the office.”

“Cut the shit, B. There are no rules. It’s been no-holds-barred, dick-swinging-meets-battle-royale around these parts. You just brought puss one and dangled it like a doggy treat in front of a horny, rabid dog. This shit’s not going to be pulled back any time soon. You might as well step out of the way and let the chips fall where they may. Tell me I can’t go after that and you are just going to make it worse. Let it ride, B.”



Upcoming #Release!!!

Coming soon

30629152Title: The J.H.C. Series

Series: J.H.C.

Series Number: #1-5

Genre: Romance/Erotica

Publisher: Life In E – motion Inc

Expected Publication Date: July 26, 2016

Pages: 131



Five hot and steamy romances that will tug at your heartstrings and kick up the temperature. Get ready!

A Military Romance Series:
Book 1 – Brian’s Call: Sometimes you need to call on the most unlikely individuals to make the impossible possible.
Book 2 – Belinda’s Mission: Sometimes the easiest road to take isn’t the high road.
Book 3 – Sam’s Communication: Not always is it easiest to do what’s best for all involved.
Book 4 – Charlie’s Activation: The most unlikely choice can be the best man for the job.
Book 5 – Wellsie’s Dilemma: Sometimes all you need is one shot to make the call of a lifetime.

The members of the team learn how to balance family and work when the lives they’ve led get turned on their head. Their unit can only grow stronger as the crew gets closer.

**Not suitable for children. The heat is consuming. 18+ eyes only**

Pre-order your copy today!!

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Just One Kiss – Amelia Whitmore

Just One Kiss

Blurb from GoodReads:

Chapter One
My bedroom has always been somewhat of a sanctuary to me. It’s where I go to escape from the real world. Where I can swim in my own thoughts, listen to music, do my homework, read…anything really. It’s decorated perfectly for my tastes too. Which is good considering I started redecorating three years ago, when I turned fifteen. I began going to swap meets, antique shops, yard sales, Goodwill, and other second hand stores. My family is only middle-class. So, although we aren’t too tight for money, redecorating a room would be pushing it.


Blurb from Amazon:

He stares at me for a moment, being scrutinized was more than awkward.
I already know I’m not his type. Guys like him go out with petite cheerleaders with tiny waists.
I am definitely not that. I clear my throat, …. monkey out to him.
He blinks and his smile returns before he takes the animal. “Thanks.” His voice gives me goose bumps over my entire body.
“I’m Brayden, by the way.” he leans forward to rest his arms on the countertop.
“You’re welcome,” I murmur.
I didn’t expect him to talk to me.

unnamed     Amazon

Just One Kiss 1

Lovegame – Release Day & Review!!!

Lovegame CoverTitle: Lovegame

Series: N/A

Series Number: N/A

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Author: Tracy Wolff

Publisher: Loveswept

Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Format: Ebook/ARC

Pages: 320


Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

5 Star

Blurb From Goodreads:

Hailed by J. Kenner as an author who “knows how to steam up the pages,” Tracy Wolff delivers a darkly addictive novel of seduction and psychological obsession. The stakes are high in Lovegame, when a movie star with a shattered past meets a man who can either break her or make her whole.

True Crime novelist Ian Sharpe has spent his career writing about serial killers for very personal reasons. For his latest exposé, he is taking on the sadistic madman known as the Red Ribbon Strangler, and when his research leads him to Hollywood’s most private and provocative actress, he will break every rule to uncover her truth.

The daughter of one of Hollywood’s golden couples, chased by paparazzi and treated as a commodity her entire life, Veronica Romero wields her sex appeal like a weapon. She expects Ian to be as easy to control as every other man she’s ever known. But from the beginning, he refuses to fall into line. Mysterious and cool, challenging and just a little bit dangerous, Ian somehow makes her feel safe—even as he digs into the deepest secrets of her life and pushes her to the breaking point.

As raw ecstasy gives way to agonized truths, their dark obsession exposes secrets that have been buried for far too long. Ian wants to tear down her walls and heal the sensual woman underneath. But if Veronica’s learned anything, it’s that the line between pleasure and pain is a narrow one—and when caught between them the only thing that matters is how you play the game.

Lovegame is intended for mature audiences.


My Review:

Wow….just wow! That was intense. A story of two people buried under 20 years of weekly subscriptions to their issues, weighed down by their fear, coming together explosively. It’s a wonder that anyone survived. I absolutely LOVED it! Each chapter switches from his point of view to hers, so we really get to know each one intimately and I am always so enchanted by that. I enjoy learning as much as possible about each character, why they react the way they do, or how they came to be who they are today. Although all the secrets don’t really come out until close to the end of the book I had some idea of what happened but was shocked when I finally got the whole story. I had to stop reading a few times just to process the depravity. Make sure to add this to your TBR list, it is so worth the read!

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