Lovegame – Release Day & Review!!!

Lovegame CoverTitle: Lovegame

Series: N/A

Series Number: N/A

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Author: Tracy Wolff

Publisher: Loveswept

Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Format: Ebook/ARC

Pages: 320


Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

5 Star

Blurb From Goodreads:

Hailed by J. Kenner as an author who “knows how to steam up the pages,” Tracy Wolff delivers a darkly addictive novel of seduction and psychological obsession. The stakes are high in Lovegame, when a movie star with a shattered past meets a man who can either break her or make her whole.

True Crime novelist Ian Sharpe has spent his career writing about serial killers for very personal reasons. For his latest exposé, he is taking on the sadistic madman known as the Red Ribbon Strangler, and when his research leads him to Hollywood’s most private and provocative actress, he will break every rule to uncover her truth.

The daughter of one of Hollywood’s golden couples, chased by paparazzi and treated as a commodity her entire life, Veronica Romero wields her sex appeal like a weapon. She expects Ian to be as easy to control as every other man she’s ever known. But from the beginning, he refuses to fall into line. Mysterious and cool, challenging and just a little bit dangerous, Ian somehow makes her feel safe—even as he digs into the deepest secrets of her life and pushes her to the breaking point.

As raw ecstasy gives way to agonized truths, their dark obsession exposes secrets that have been buried for far too long. Ian wants to tear down her walls and heal the sensual woman underneath. But if Veronica’s learned anything, it’s that the line between pleasure and pain is a narrow one—and when caught between them the only thing that matters is how you play the game.

Lovegame is intended for mature audiences.


My Review:

Wow….just wow! That was intense. A story of two people buried under 20 years of weekly subscriptions to their issues, weighed down by their fear, coming together explosively. It’s a wonder that anyone survived. I absolutely LOVED it! Each chapter switches from his point of view to hers, so we really get to know each one intimately and I am always so enchanted by that. I enjoy learning as much as possible about each character, why they react the way they do, or how they came to be who they are today. Although all the secrets don’t really come out until close to the end of the book I had some idea of what happened but was shocked when I finally got the whole story. I had to stop reading a few times just to process the depravity. Make sure to add this to your TBR list, it is so worth the read!

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