Just One Kiss – Amelia Whitmore

Just One Kiss

Blurb from GoodReads:

Chapter One
My bedroom has always been somewhat of a sanctuary to me. It’s where I go to escape from the real world. Where I can swim in my own thoughts, listen to music, do my homework, read…anything really. It’s decorated perfectly for my tastes too. Which is good considering I started redecorating three years ago, when I turned fifteen. I began going to swap meets, antique shops, yard sales, Goodwill, and other second hand stores. My family is only middle-class. So, although we aren’t too tight for money, redecorating a room would be pushing it.


Blurb from Amazon:

He stares at me for a moment, being scrutinized was more than awkward.
I already know I’m not his type. Guys like him go out with petite cheerleaders with tiny waists.
I am definitely not that. I clear my throat, …. monkey out to him.
He blinks and his smile returns before he takes the animal. “Thanks.” His voice gives me goose bumps over my entire body.
“I’m Brayden, by the way.” he leans forward to rest his arms on the countertop.
“You’re welcome,” I murmur.
I didn’t expect him to talk to me.

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Just One Kiss 1


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