Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 2)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Belinda’s Mission is Book 2 and tells the story of Belinda Banneker. She is a hard-nosed, fierce female that doesn’t take any mess from anyone. B.B. walked away from a man that she was too afraid to be with. Working closely with him and dealing with a blast from her past doesn’t help matters. Will she be able to handle both of these situations and not lose herself to the fear that caused her to run the first time around?

Here is chapter one:

The Seduction – Chapter 1


Belinda stood at the front door of the offices of J.H.C. Inc. and couldn’t help staring at the wall. The moniker mounted in the center of the wall was something that paid homage to Brian Wallace’s time as a Marine. He was their “Lead Dog” and the man that decided to turn something derogatory into something good. He was good like that. The man always had been and always would be. She smiled at the thought of what this building represented.

The men and women that roamed the halls and held offices on the third floor of the building couldn’t be more different, but they were united for one common goal. That goal was to protect those who came seeking their aide. The honor code the Jarhead Hunting Crew held dear spilled over into the motto of the company.

Finding those that don’t want to be found and some who need to be. Honor, Loyalty, and Commitment to the cause. That’s our decree.

B.B. was proud to part of the team. Her purpose for the day was to get a certain team member to have some form of outward reaction to her. The man was working her last nerve. She was growing tired of trying to get him to see her.

On that day, she’d opted for fitted jeans and a v-neck shirt. Both were dark in color. One was looser than the other. She kind of hated herself for feeling the need to wear anything slightly enticing, but there was a man in the office that needed to be reminded of who she was. Her long, waist-length hair shined a gorgeous hue of red as she walked in the front door. It hung loose and swept against her ass as she moved. Her masculine combat boots were traded for a heeled version and her hardened, almost goth-like make-up was softened.

If one were to flash back eight or nine years, they would’ve found the look had been her staple. It had been the way she looked when she’d first crossed paths with one, Mr. Elijah Reynolds, Prophet to the crew. The clean cut, buttoned-up way he dressed had caught her attention even then. He’d been beautiful, a light when her world was dark and ugly. Why then had she run as fast as her feet could carry her in the direction opposite of where he was waiting for her? It was the fear of leaning on him for her happiness that had her running as far away from that Miami beach as she possibly could.

Belinda had been there. She’d been dressed in a gorgeous white dress with lace—one that still hung in a bag in the back of her closet—with the gentle summer breeze softly lifting the hem of her calf-length dress. Her hair had been styled in soft waves by her friend, Kitty. The woman had followed her all over the world without a second thought. Katherine Milton had stated on many occasions that her “big ass” didn’t have anything else to do in her twenties.

“Why in fuck wouldn’t I take the chance on my friend and attempt to enjoy all this world has to offer? Your ass didn’t marry the ‘pope man’ and allow me to live vicariously through you. If you do, then we settle down. I’ll go ahead and let one of these guys chasing my tits around the globe saddle me with some babies while you get your freak on with Prophet.”

Forever the hopeless romantic, Kitty would never let go of the notion that she and Eli would get back together. Belinda didn’t hold out for that to become a truth. There was so much that had happened, so much time had passed, and so many things kept secret that she couldn’t even hope for a reconciliation to be an option. Yet, there she stood, looking like her former self, and heading into an office where the very man worked. She took a deep breath and flipped open the paper to take her mind off of what she’d put into motion. The headline caught her eye.

Victim Seeks to Find Attacker

Brooklyn Hamilton and her brother have decided to put their attacker’s crime out front for all to see. They are asking for any information on the whereabouts of this man.

“That ignorant bitch,” she said as she walked in the door.

Thomas “Hounder” Madison and all of his Cuban hotness looked up from the magazine he’d been thumbing through to see who’d walked in the door. When he saw it was her, he just smirked.

“Feeling better, I see, B.B.”

“Don’t say another word, Hounder, or you’ll be Thomas for the rest of the week.”

The smile on his face faltered as Trevor “Trig” Marshall and Brian “Ghost” Wallace chuckled. They came out of one of the smaller meeting rooms as she walked the hall of offices to get to her own.

“That wasn’t very nice, B.B. I was genuinely asking out of concern. You don’t have to go pulling out my first name on me.”

“What is he whining about now?” Samantha “Taps” Davis asked as she came out of the exam room that was the second space in the “Hall of offices.”

The first office was Eli’s, as to be expected since he was the one that kept security on point. There was an undetectable scanner built into the walls, floor, and ceiling overhead as each person took a step in the main hall. Alarms sounded if unregistered weapons crossed the walk. The exam room was the space next door to Eli’s office. Next door to that was Isa’s office then Brian’s office and then the major conference room at the end of the hall. All of that was on the right.

As a person walked the hall on the left would be Wellsie’s, Hounder’s, B.B.’s then Trig’s offices before one hit the turn in the hallway just outside of the main conference room. The hall continued and led to the kitchen, lounge, printing station, the Tech room, artillery or weapons room, locker/recreation area and Charlie Boy’s office. That was pretty much the third floor and offices of J.H.C. Inc.

The other spaces owned by the J.H.C. company were housed on the second floor. The spa, workout area, and additional office space was on located there. All of it was wired into a computer system that sent live feeds to Eli’s computer and was armed with the highest tech in security because Proph was a fucking genius.

Thinking of Eli caused her to snap back to reality. While she was lost in thought, apparently Brian had entered the exam room next to Sam’s office. Eli and Brian exited the room at the same moment.

It was odd that the two guys were coming out of the doctor’s exam room instead of one of the offices or the conference room. It was even more interesting if the person in the room was who she thought it was.

“Not whining,” Hounder yelled up the hall then grumbled something under his breath.

“Nothing important,” B.B. stated as she determined what was going on. “How’s Wellsie doing?”

“Stubborn as hell and even more frustrating.”

Hounder stood leaning next to the door with his arms folded, peering down at the two of them. B.B. did a double take then gave Sam a look of question. She hadn’t expected Hounder to be standing that close to her. The downfall of dealing with the lot of this crew is each of their ability to be stealthy. Looking at the crease in his forehead, B.B. figured out what his issue was. Well, the issue besides her giving him grief.

“That’s what has you on edge. Your girl is getting to you.”

B.B. smiled at the usually cool, calm, and flirty Cuban. He and Wellsie had been together for a couple months prior to anyone finding out about the two of them being their own little unit. All were even more surprised to learn that she was carrying his baby. Ever since that day, they’d been two halves of a whole and the cutest in-house pairing next to Brian and Isa.

Wellsie “One Shot” Sharp was officially in the final month of her pregnancy and Hounder was losing his fucking mind. Every time she moved funny or had a hitch in her breath, the man was on edge. He was driving Wellsie to want to kick his ass and kiss him stupid all at the same time. She loved and loathed how attentive he was.

“This time it was good for him to be on edge. I’m not an OB/GYN, but I know when a woman is in labor. You were right, Hounder, she’s in the early stages of labor and her contractions have just started. Your babies are trying to make an early appearance.”

“Babies?” B.B. asked.

If they were having more than one, then that was news to her. Had she been that out of the loop that she’d missed the announcement that Wellsie was having more than one baby? The Hamilton case had been her main focus over the last few months, especially since she believed that it was tied to her stalker. Eli’s rich, smooth voice had her fighting her body not to react. She fought like hell not to tremble at his proximity or his sexy as fuck sound.

“Yes, Ball Buster, they are having twins. They announced it a couple of months ago. You’ve been a little …”

She didn’t know why but her immediate response was to defend herself.

“Preoccupied doing my job? Yes, I know. Thank you for the breakdown. Congrats! I’m assuming a bus is …”

Just as she was speaking, the quick beep sounded to let them know that the ambulance was in the bay area on the main floor. Inwardly, she chastised herself for opening her big mouth with a snarky response. Eli only smirked in response but it was enough to make her want to retract her statement. That wasn’t the response she’d wanted from him.

Hounder’s hand motion snapped her out of her inner browbeating.

“Gotta go, guys.”

Hounder’s eyes were lit with glee and his stance was one of a nervous father-to-be. He took off for the elevator as Sam opened the door to a very pregnant Wellsie being assisted by Isa and Charlie Boy into a wheelchair. B.B. was surprised Hounder hadn’t been in the room.

“Fuck! Thomas Emory Madison, I’m going to fucking kill you for making me go through this,” Wellsie screamed. “I had a plate of crab legs waiting on me.”

On second thought, maybe it was a good thing that he wasn’t in there with her.

“I know, babe. I made them for you,” he called from the elevator.

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me. I’m not some fucking cutesy pig. Are you implying I’m a porker? I’ll have you know that this weight is the weight from your fucking babies, asshole. You couldn’t just get me pregnant, could you? Had to have your fucking super sperm hit me with a damn double whammy about to split my fucking ass in two, didn’t you?” Wellsie tilted her head and they quickly learned that no one was safe from her wrath. “What the fuck are you two behemoths laughing at? I feel bad for the two that fuck you. Can you imagine the size of those fucking kids? I’m surprise Isa’s shit knit back to-fucking-gether. Sam watch out! Fuuuck! This shit hurts. Hounder, you and that fucking fat ass cock are not getting anywhere near me or any of my holes again. I don’t care if I beg for it. The women of this office better remind themselves of this SHIT. RIGHT. FUCKING. HERE!” The group walked onto the elevator with a screaming Wellsie. After a few moments, things were quiet before her soft, pain-filled voice could be heard again. “Hounder, come here and hold my hand. Baby, please.”

He was there before she finished saying his name.

“I’m here, One. I’m here. You are …”

He began their phrase.

“My one, my only … my everything, as you are …”

Wellsie breathed out while leaning her head against his shoulder and breathing.

“Mine. Always …”

“And FOREVER. I think your fucking babies are trying to rip their way out of me, T. Baby, I’m going to have be knocked out if this shit feels like this now.”

“Don’t,” Isa said to Sam as the elevator doors closed.

B.B.’s phone buzzed with a message. It was from Brian.

Brian W.: Hamiltons coming in. two hours max. Once Wells is settled. Team will return. Discuss stats if no one back yet.

Brooklyn and her older brother, Landon, had practically moved into an apartment that the team kept not far from the offices. It was supposed to be a place for the team to crash if they didn’t want to make the trips to their respective homes. Each of them had a locker in the rec center locker room and a “go” bag in their offices. That spot allowed them a place to go and take a breath if needed. Working with the tough as nails group that she did made that apartment a more than necessary expense just like the recreation center or their weapons room.

B.B. was happy to know that she was going to be the one to meet with the Hamiltons. She had some choice words for that little female. With everything that was going on, no one else could possibly have had the opportunity to read the morning paper. It was then that she realized she was left in the offices with the Italian.

“Brian says the Hamiltons will be in soon. I’ve got some stuff to take care of before Brook gets here.”

The lobby area was so quiet that B.B. felt like she’d been talking to herself. B.B. turned to discover that she actually had been because the man she’d been talking to hadn’t heard a word she’d said. His eyes were focused on her ass. When she turned and gave him her front, his eyes traveled up to the swell of her breasts. Outwardly rolling her eyes, but inwardly doing a little dance, she started to walk by him.

“Lindy, did you dress for me?” he asked while following her to her office.

“You wish, Proph, and don’t call me that name,” she said as she continued up the hallway toward her office

“I do, Lindy. You know I do. It’s the reason I asked you to give me a sign to let me know that you’re ready for all I’m ready to give.”

“That statement sounds like more than just the second chance you proposed.”

B.B. had stopped at her desk and turned to face him. Eli stepped directly in front of her and looked down into her eyes. The hypnotizing pools of his deep blue eyes had her thinking of night skies. It had her thinking of all of the nights he’d made love to her on the beach that they’d planned to get married on. Why in the hell had she thought of that with this man just inches away from her?

“It is, Belinda. It so fucking is more. Say. The. Word.”

She’d cast her gaze to the floor after the thoughts of their previous time together had taken her in a direction she shouldn’t go. Upon hearing his usually serious voice growl out a command aimed at her, she had to admit that her grip tightened on the desk she’d been leaning against. Her focus went back to his eyes. Those eyes were filled with heat and something else. It was the something else that had her nodding her head.

“Oh no, Belinda. I want the words.”

“Yes, Eli.”

The plea that had been a subtle version of the response she truly wanted to give him to the look he gave her became a full on blaze of heat that he unleashed in the taking of her mouth. The kiss was full of everything. She could feel the joy, the hope, and the ever pressing need to have them connected. When she moved to grab hold to his ass, she was met with slightly exposed flesh. As she tried to pull back so she could catch a glimpse of what it was that she’d been missing all of these years, he moved with her. Her pants and boy shorts were being pulled off of her ass. He broke the kiss long enough to snatch her clothing down her legs.

“Lindy, shit. I can’t stop.”

He had just stood again and pressed against her. When she opened her mouth to ask him what he meant, he took control of it again before pressing himself between her legs. Pulling her knees up around his waist, he moved forward. His hand moved between them and she felt him. Every last inch of him pressed into her and she groaned. This groan had an added moan to it because she was disappointed with the fact that she didn’t get the chance to see him all large, extended, and fully in charge of what was about to go down between them.

“Eli. Yeeeesssss! I sooooooo missed this.”

Eli rocked into her as she grabbed hold to a handful of his hair and kissed him with everything that she had. He slowly rocked into her then pulled out. He repeated those motions until she was sure she’d fucking levitated off the desk and was floating on a cloud.

“No, no, Lindy. You don’t get to escape me. I want you here with me. I want you to feel every motion, every emotion, every wave of ecstasy as I take us into oblivion. When I swell to release, I want your walls to clamp down and drain all that I have into you. We’re then going to do this shit all over again so you’ll never attempt to do what you did to me before … ever again. This is my time and you will stay with me in this moment, while feeling me well into next week. Got me?” he growled as he switched his trajectory, making her body arch as delicious waves of pleasure crashed through her body over and over again.

“Fuck yes! I GOT YOOOUUU!”

She couldn’t help the scream that felt like it was ripped from her throat. Her vocal chords were straining with the force of the release.

“That … that was magnifico, bella amore. Let’s see if I can get another before I coat perfection with my essence, yes?”

Her beautiful Italian didn’t slow his pace one bit. He rode out her climax and carried her already satisfied ass into another state of bliss. Only then did he allow himself to join her. He held her legs apart as he’d watched their bodies join. She couldn’t help but watch as well when he’d smiled with glee before slamming into her and grinding into her. His deep penetration affirmed that she would feel him for at least the next week. When he finally tumbled over into sated bliss, he kissed her. It was a promise of more where that came from. Feeling him fill her was enough to send her into her third orgasm.

As she came back down, she noticed that his attention wasn’t completely on her. He was wearing a sexy smirk that said he’d been watching her for a little bit before she returned from her blissful cloud.

“Where are they?” she heard the familiar voice ask.

Her eyes were as big as plates when she looked at the smug look on Eli’s face. He didn’t make a move to slide out of her. In fact, the only move he made was a twitch of his dick and an arching of his eyebrow when she made to move.

B.B.’s mind was reeling. She was trying to figure out what she could say when her office door was flung open and they were literally caught with their pants down. The two of them would not hear the end of it and they would be the butt of every joke for the next … well, forever. Anytime some similar situation was brought up this would be the incident everyone would refer back to. Attempting to move again, she tightened her thighs then lifted her leg to try and pull her leg around his solid body. Sometime during the second round, he’d pulled his shirt over his head. The t-shirt was around his neck and shoulders, which meant his amazing chest and abs were on display for her to see.

“Please move more for me. It gets me that much more excited,” he whispered as she felt him grow more between her legs.

Dipping his head, he nibbled on her nipple through her clothes. His motion locked her leg in place as he rubbed his thumb along the area of her body that wasn’t filled or covered by his lower half. The gentle swirling motion coupled with the feel of his teeth made her bite back a moan. B.B. groaned and he shushed her.

“You don’t want him to know what I’m doing to you, do you?”

He swiveled his hips and she felt the delicious feeling of him being accepted within her depths again. How in the hell was it possible for her to want him so soon after he’d just taken her?

“Eli … mmm … he’s going to know … yesss … mmm, hmm … he’s going to know any minute anyway.  Fuck … that feels good,” she moaned as he quickened his motions and swallowed her next words.

A knock sounded on the door, yet Eli continued his stroke as if he didn’t care that someone was getting ready to walk in the office and expose them for all they were worth. They were two horny as fuck adults giving in to their base needs. B.B. tried to pull her mouth away from his intoxicating kiss, but he grabbed hold to the back of her neck and kept her in place. Rubbing against that sweet spot she tried to moan her displeasure at his continuation of their coupling, but it only sounded like an approval.

B.B. didn’t think it was physically possible, but Eli drove deeper within her. His massaging of her exposed breast made her want her next orgasm as much as she wanted her next breath.

The knock came again and the handle jiggled as she felt the sign of need for release rising.

“Hey B.B., I know you probably don’t want to be bothered since your door is locked and all, but will you let Proph know when he comes back from wherever he went that the info he and Ghost asked me to pull on the Hamilton case is on the external drive under ‘ham.’ Thanks. Gotta go. Hounder’s waiting for Wellsie’s bag.”

Eli continued as if they hadn’t been about to be busted. He waited for the closing of the elevator doors before he made a sound by picking up the pace. As their bodies slapped together, he kept his eyes glued to hers. She knew hers had to register shock and awe. The focus he had told her that he wouldn’t be able to speak to her for at least another few minutes. It was fine with her. She could wait him out while having some of the best sex she’d had in years.

He pumped into her awaiting heat a few more times before he growled then groaned, giving of himself over to his orgasm. The muscles of his neck tightened and he braced his hands on the desk on either side of her as he bucked then slammed into her once more. She could feel the thrust, her walls clamping down on him, and their combined release between them.

She didn’t speak until she knew she had his full attention.

“When in the hell did you lock the door?”

He chuckled before kissing her.

“When I walked through it and made sure to close it behind me. I knew I would have all of this splendor before me. I didn’t know hellfire was going to be so open and ready for me. My Hellfire had some heat she needed to release. I’ll gladly put out the flame anytime you’re ready.”

“You think I’m such a sure thing.”

“Oh, I know you are. In fact, I’m going to prove it to you. On the sofa, Hellfire. Face forward, on your knees and spread those perfect thighs. I will feast then I will extinguish. You’ve kept me waiting far too long. We should have this shit figured out and in place already. Don’t fret, amore, we’ll talk after I’ve had my fill. Now, assume the position.”

Eli had his fill, all right, his and a couple other people’s fill. By the time the Hamiltons arrived, B.B. was practically delirious and couldn’t focus. She had no inkling how she made it through the meeting. Eli tore Brooklyn a new asshole for her. Apparently, B.B. hadn’t been the only one to read that morning’s paper.

“You’ll need to follow every rule now. There will be no leeway given. You’ve painted a huge target on both of your backs. You’ve also ruined the element of surprise we had going.”

“I understand, Mr. Reynolds. I just …”

B.B. tried not to giggle. It was weird hearing anyone refer to Elijah as “Mr.” anything. In the mode that he was in, there was no reasoning with him or explaining anything. She knew firsthand.

“No. I get what you wanted, but you hired this company to do a job. You need to allow us the necessary time to do what we were asked to do. There is a lot riding on this and there are a great many people whose lives are at stake. This isn’t a game.  It’s reality. It’s a reality that is dangerous and could get a lot a people hurt if you aren’t willing to play your part as you were instructed to.”

The Hamiltons didn’t speak again until they were saying goodbye to B.B. and Eli. As soon as they were out the front door, Eli had her pinned against the door and her clothes were being worked off of her body.

“Needy much?” she asked as he hooked her leg over his shoulder.

Before he buried his face in between her legs, he looked up and responded.

“Greedy much? Hell yes, I am. Too many years I’ve waited to have at you. I’m going to have as many helpings as I want and you’re going to enjoy every moment of it.”

Any futher response that she could’ve given died on her lips the moment that his mouth was attached to her most sensitive area. Yeah, she would enjoy every last moment of him reacquainting himself with her body and would never utter one complaint. B.B. was in heavenly bliss with every way Eli showed her how much he missed her.

Belinda's Mission Teaser 3


Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

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