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From the mind of an Author

Amazing! Actually, not so much! Today is one of those days that I look at what I’ve accomplished as an Author and say that I am grateful that I have chosen to go after my dreams of being published.  Nothing in particular happened to spark this feeling.  I didn’t have a fan gushing over my work or a fantastic review.  I just woke up feeling grateful that I am in this community of supportive individuals.  I am thankful for each person that I have had the opportunity to meet along the way.  I appreciate the ability to pay it forward and aide someone else in fulfilling their dreams.  Who I am is because of those that have supported me and encouraged me to keep pressing on. 

I look at where I was exactly one year ago today and I think of the person who was still trying to figure out the next step in her journey.  If I could speak with her today then I would say, “Thank you for questioning your purpose and taking a moment to realize what your greatest desire was.”  I recently posted an online event for the release of my next book and was so happy to see how quickly so many people responded.  It is taking a little bit of time, but I am building a following for my work, my kindness and my willingness to help out someone else. 

You see, sometimes the “nice guys” do win! Even if it is the little things, I’ll take those and hold them close to my heart.

~E. ❤

Prize opportunity…signed paperbacks!!


 Good Day All,

 I wanted to let you know about an opportunity that I am offering.  You can be entered to win a signed copy of the first book in Each of my series (The Craft Society of Divination, The Norton Series & Secrets of the Night “Creatures” – due out Feb. 7th).  For the chance to be entered, you must:

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This will be a month long opportunity, ending the day after Valentine’s Day!



Steadfast, studious ….. steering the course

ImageThere are days when you feel like completely throwing in the towel.  There are also days that you are slapped in the face with a grand dose of reality.  I was recently told that my positivity level has decreased over time.  I had to laugh because I am nothing if not the consummate survivor.  I have been fortunate enough to know some very caring and giving individuals in my life.  I wake up every morning with a renewed sense of hope, faith and self.

Every day that I awake, I know is a new day for me to move forward with the plans that have been set in motion.  I live life one day at a time.  I take in every milestone and celebrate it.  Why? We only have “one life to live” and I want to live it, enjoying every moment of it.  I don’t want to dismiss the “menial” because I quite enjoy the little things in life.  Those little things have inspired some fantastic adventures that make for even greater stories. 

All in all, what does this mean? No, I don’t believe I have the same positivity level that I had when I was younger. My positivity level has changed because I have a greater backing than I had before.  Yet, instead of it decreasing, it has increased. 

There is a song by Reba McEntire entitled I’m a Survivor.  It is my theme song for this year!


“E” News January 2014 Edition: Author Spotlight => Krystal Shannan


January 7, 2014: “E” motioned Newsletter

 Author’s Name:  Krystal Shannan

Recently released: Trevor (McLaughlin Series)

                Have you ever read the first few sentences of a novels opening lines and just knew that you were going to enjoy the book?  This is EXACTLY what I felt when I read Krystal Shannan’s latest release, Trevor.  With sayings such as “Popcorn balls!” and traditions of giving jewels to the “jewels of the family,” who wouldn’t enjoy this novella. I loved the fact that Trevor has OCD (I can relate).

Krystal has close to 2500 likes on her Facebook page and climbing.  Her reviews commend her for engaging “the reader’s emotions with this heartwarming story full of laughter” and being “a good author” able to “write a good story.” She is also recognized for having a “great story line, well developed characters and steamy, hot love scenes.” (Only the best writers do.)

On her Author website, if you sign up for her newsletter, then she offers you a free copy of one of her books (reader’s choice).  She is one of the few Authors that offered constructive feedback and continued assistance to yours truly.  Her giving spirit speaks volumes about her character.

                A little more about Krystal:

Krystal’s inspiration for her story ideas “come from photography and songs on the radio.  A lot come from just staring at pictures, people, landscapes…just depends. Country songs are fabulous inspiration too. ” An Author that she would love to spend time picking the brain of is Sherrilynn Kenyon.  (Who wouldn’t?)  Each writer/Author has a book that can be their arch nemesis when developing their storyline.  For our Spotlight Author it would be: “Sarah, in WAKING SARAH, was the toughest for me so far. There was so much emotional turmoil to get onto the page. I really grew as a writer developing her.”

What does the future hold?

“Becoming a Stay-at-home-mom and writing as many books as humanly possible with a three-year-old in the house. Hmmmmm….LOL. No rock solid deadlines there!” This Author found that to not be totally true!  The second book in the McLaughlin Series is due to release on January 10th. (So excited!)

Advice to a Newcomer/New Author from the Author: 

“Be professional! Make or buy professional or current book covers to be competitive in your genre. Always use Editors and several proof readers. Never react to bad reviews online. You must have a thick skin to be an Author. You will never please everyone.”

Truth…or Switzerland/Neutral


I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately.  I have also been doing research and genuinely interested in some works.  I’ve begun some series and wondered if I was reading the same work that 60+ others gave a 5 star rating to.  I wonder how many have truly read the work versus posting under the guise of supporting a friend?

I personally would rather have someone give me an honest review versus allowing me to release a work that “needs work.”

In life, I have tried to make sure that when giving my opinion it is my honest opinion. I wouldn’t have my closest friends “out in the streets” misrepresenting themselves.  I also wouldn’t have them turning in sub par work.  Yet, it is being produced, supported and referred in so many of the works that I’ve read in the past 6 months.

I’ at a loss.  If I’ve read 45 books in the past 6 months then 20 have remained on my ereader.  Half of that list would probably not be read again or recommended.  I think maybe my expectations and standards are too high.

In the end, the question still stands: do you speak the truth or remain neutral and not offer an opinion on the matter?


Promotional excerpt for Rayna

P.S. AVAILABLE NOW!! New release!!

I’m excited to announce my latest work. It is part of a series, but it also a stand alone. The Norton Sisters: {Book 1: Rayna} Amazon:
Also available at Barnes and Noble:
Smashwords: Happy Reading!!

A new year…a new challenge!


I have never been one to really go along with setting resolutions.  I’ve always been one that liked setting goals and basking in the reward of those goals being met.  I overcame my fear last year and stepped out to become a self-published Author for my 36th birth year.  I have received some fantastic feedback on my books and I love knowing that others are enjoying the “thoughts of an overactive mind.”

This year I have set goals, some would say “attempting the impossible.”  I believe that you can do anything that you are willing to set your mind to, work hard at, strive for and have faith in! I dream big which means that I have to aim high in setting my goals. 

1. Produce 3 series (releasing every few months in 2014, at least 3 from each series released {9 books total}):

                    Series start (1st book): 1st has been, 2nd released in 5 days, 3rd will be on Feb. 7th.

2. Make sure monthly newsletter is sent out on time w/completed Author Spotlight

3. Get a new website together and going

4. Begin work on the children’s book series that has been taunting me for about 4 years now.

All of these are achievable goals. Those that are writers are probably thinking that I am a little of my rocker for even thinking of producing 9 books and 12 issues of a newsletter this year.  What you need to understand or what I will say in response to that is that I have been putting off my ideas and pushing my writing to the side for almost 15 years now.  I have had fully written novels or just about completed novels typed up and waiting.  Several of the books in the series are complete and just need to be tweaked.  Others are completed in my head and I just need to put them on the page. 

It is a matter of finally living the dream that I have held on to for so long that it hurts my heart that I wasn’t doing this before.  I have had this in me, this calling that is now a thunderous roar.  It is all I want to do.  I am elated to see the books and characters develop.  The fact that I can now see my name on a cover that reflects who I am and what my characters have become causes my heart to leap and tears to spring forth.  As long as they are there, waiting for me to put their stories on a page, I will be willing to answer and respond by working tirelessly to share them.  I just wish some wouldn’t be so loud and obnoxious about it though! Sheesh!

Enjoy the new year! Live your dream! I’m borrowing here “Be the best YOU that you can be!”