“E” News January 2014 Edition: Author Spotlight => Krystal Shannan


January 7, 2014: “E” motioned Newsletter

 Author’s Name:  Krystal Shannan

Recently released: Trevor (McLaughlin Series)

                Have you ever read the first few sentences of a novels opening lines and just knew that you were going to enjoy the book?  This is EXACTLY what I felt when I read Krystal Shannan’s latest release, Trevor.  With sayings such as “Popcorn balls!” and traditions of giving jewels to the “jewels of the family,” who wouldn’t enjoy this novella. I loved the fact that Trevor has OCD (I can relate).

Krystal has close to 2500 likes on her Facebook page and climbing.  Her reviews commend her for engaging “the reader’s emotions with this heartwarming story full of laughter” and being “a good author” able to “write a good story.” She is also recognized for having a “great story line, well developed characters and steamy, hot love scenes.” (Only the best writers do.)

On her Author website, if you sign up for her newsletter, then she offers you a free copy of one of her books (reader’s choice).  She is one of the few Authors that offered constructive feedback and continued assistance to yours truly.  Her giving spirit speaks volumes about her character.

                A little more about Krystal:

Krystal’s inspiration for her story ideas “come from photography and songs on the radio.  A lot come from just staring at pictures, people, landscapes…just depends. Country songs are fabulous inspiration too. ” An Author that she would love to spend time picking the brain of is Sherrilynn Kenyon.  (Who wouldn’t?)  Each writer/Author has a book that can be their arch nemesis when developing their storyline.  For our Spotlight Author it would be: “Sarah, in WAKING SARAH, was the toughest for me so far. There was so much emotional turmoil to get onto the page. I really grew as a writer developing her.”

What does the future hold?

“Becoming a Stay-at-home-mom and writing as many books as humanly possible with a three-year-old in the house. Hmmmmm….LOL. No rock solid deadlines there!” This Author found that to not be totally true!  The second book in the McLaughlin Series is due to release on January 10th. (So excited!)

Advice to a Newcomer/New Author from the Author: 

“Be professional! Make or buy professional or current book covers to be competitive in your genre. Always use Editors and several proof readers. Never react to bad reviews online. You must have a thick skin to be an Author. You will never please everyone.”


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