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*****Not intended for children under the age of 18.*******

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Rayna coverRayna – Book 1

Bedwarmers. It’s the name that Rayna chose to call the men that she shared her bed with when the need was too great. It was a safety measure. A person couldn’t get their heart shredded if they allowed no one near it. Rayna Norton’s sisters and mother were the only ones allowed in her heart. Life was great just the way it was. Her sisters seemed to feel differently.

Christopher Leigh is the perfect man to combat and disrupt Rayna’s way of thinking. He is a man with a creative mind and a determined heart. He sees Rayna at her sister’s restaurant and immediately knows that he needs to have this woman in his life. The artist that he is sees the beauty of the woman she is and the gift of the future they could have. He just has to convince the ever reluctant attorney that a life shared with him will be one worth her time.

Rayna’s issues run deeper than Chris and her sisters could ever perceive. Her chosen way of life has more to it than meets the eye. Will Chris be able to get Rayna to see that he is not like the men of her past? Will Rayna lose out on possibly the perfect man for her because of her own stubbornness? Or will her sisters intervene on her behalf, yet again?

The Norton Sisters is a series about six sisters that share the same last name, but are six entirely different women. The stories of the six almost 30 to in their thirties women will touch your heart and make you laugh out loud. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other always. It follows the lives of six sisters running their own businesses, falling in love and dealing with the trials that come. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

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Zoie coverZoie – Book 2

The Norton Sisters Series is a series about six sisters that share the same last name but are six entirely different women. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other, always. Alone each are great and independent women but together they show that family is the greatest asset that you can have. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up no matter what may come.”
Zoie Norton is the eldest child of William and Ella Norton and the second to share her story. She has always been the one to desire the big family. She chooses to throw all caution to the wind and give in to her maternal calling. Her life has always been about caring for others. Her clock has ticked its last warning and she begins treatment to bring her long awaited child into the world.
James Kenyon is a man with no desire to have a wife and/or family of his own. He applauds his best friend for stepping out and finding love, but he wants no parts of it. He decides to aid a friend in having a baby. He doesn’t see why his friend is so willing to have a baby and raise it on her own, but he promised to help and James Kenyon is a man of his word.
Zoie and James find themselves in the company of one another more than Zoie would care for. When tragedy strikes Zoie, James is the one there to pick up the pieces. Will she give up on one dream to allow for another to be ushered in? Or will James’ closed mind call a halt to the relationship before it begins?

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Nyema CoverNyema – Book 3

Nyema Norton is a child psychologist, a mother, a sister, a friend, amongst other things. She is by far the most closed off of the sisters. While she loves her family wholeheartedly, she does not let others into her world. Why? Fear of losing them just as she lost her beloved twin and the father of her daughter, Nakia.
James comes into her life like a wrecking ball. He has this insane attraction to Nyema that he is tired of fighting. Things are never simple though. How do you pursue a woman who is so closed off from emotion when you are practically drowning in loss yourself?
Will James be able to break through Nyema’s walls? Will they be each others saving grace? Can these two broken individuals come together and create something beautiful? Or will they let themselves drown in their individual sorrows and miss what could be the best thing in both their lives?
The Norton Sisters Series is a series about six sisters that share the same last name, but are six entirely different women. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other, always. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

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A Secret for Christmas coverA Secret for Christmas – Book 3.5

The Norton sisters have decided that they want to all gather as a family for a sit down meal. What better time than at Christmas time? It is the first time that they have been together for a meal in years. The prodigal daughter and youngest child, Chyra, is now home and everyone is coping with her return.

Life has been difficult, to say the least, for the sisters. Rayna and Zoie have showed that these sisters are able to overcome all obstacles set before them and still share a deep rooted love for one another. Will they be able to continue that streak once the truth behind Chyra’s quick exit comes to light?

Chyra has a lot to atone for. The latest to be uncovered may not be all there is once the rug is pulled back. How will the Nortons handle this new development? This will definitely be a Christmas to remember.

The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other always. The series follows the lives of six sisters running their own businesses, falling in love and dealing with the trials that come. As siblings, they follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

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Chyra CoverChyra – Book 4 – Free on KU

Chyra’s secret is revealed in book 3.5. The family has learned about little Zachariah and have given her all kinds of hell about it. They don’t know that’s not the only secret she has. Just wait until they learn the rest of her secrets.
Isaac has been nice enough to stay away from his wife while she sorts out her life. Finally, fed up and having had enough, he pays a surprise visit to Tempa.
What he finds may just be more than he bargained for when he decided to take the youngest Norton sister as his wife?
Add to the mix, the father of her newly revealed son and you have a trifecta that is sure to rock the worlds of every member of the Norton family whether they be related by blood or by marriage. Sometimes hiding isn’t the best remedy. Chyra may just wish that she didn’t return once all comes out.
The Norton Sisters Series is a series about six sisters that share the same last name, but are six entirely different women. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other, always. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

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Lynnia CoverLynnia – Book 5  – Free on KU

Lynnia has always been the type of person to speak first and ask for forgiveness later. She has never been one to hold her tongue for anyone except for one person. The one person that she needs to speak her mind and voice her opinion to is the one person she can never find the right words to say.
Dario Anderson has been the male in Lynnia’s world for as long as any of the members of the Norton family could remember. The ongoing relationship that they’ve had has been a platonic one even though every member of the family could clearly see what they have never said to one another.
When Dario appears to take an interest in someone that Lynnia feels is all wrong for him, mainly because she’s not her, their unspoken truest is called off. Lynnia comes out fighting, but fighting the wrong party. Will her no holds barred approach drive Dario into the arms of the woman she doesn’t want him with? Or will he easily see through her antics and they finally come together as they should have been all along?

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Wynter CoverWynter – Book 6

Wynter is officially the last Norton standing and she truly doesn’t care. Her sisters are constantly pestering her to find someone or at least tell them why she won’t let them find her a guy. Little do they know while they were all dealing with their own things and getting hitched she found someone. The problem is she doesn’t how to be anyone other than Dr. Wynter Norton.
Joshua Ivy is an award winning novelist. He has legions of fans but keeps that life separate from his family life. Joshua Carlton is the man that has a run in with Dr. Norton that has him ready to do whatever it takes to get her away from her day to day of being “on call”. Discovering that she is his biggest fan may work to his advantage.
Will Wynter get the happy ending she’s been reading about? Or will the life Joshua had before her prove to be too much for her to handle?

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Happy Holidays or Not coverHappy Holidays or Not – Book 7 Free on KU

The Norton Girls are all finally settled into their lives and marriages. They’ve been planning their holiday gathering for over a year and all are looking forward to it. They were until an earth shattering loss, a deadly illness threatens and new family members come out of the wood works. The family that promised there were no more secrets between them find that bonds will be tested when these last few secrets come to light. Will their “Norton Code” be able to withstand all that comes out? Or will this revelation be the last set that tears them apart for good?


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Now Available!!


For Memorial Day 2016, eleven authors have come together to honor those who lost their lives while defending our freedom. Enjoy eleven brand new military-themed stories, which may contain a few familiar faces.

Through happiness, struggles, love, loss, appreciation, and sorrow, these stories will leave you red hot and wanting more.

All proceeds from the sales of The Honor Anthology will be donated to the Honor the Sacrifice charity.

*Contains adult language and content not suitable for readers under the age of 18*

Includes stories from:
NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Emily Snow
USA Today Bestselling authors Chelsea Camaron and MJ Fields
along with
Daryl Banner
Lacey Black
SM Donaldson
Misha Elliott
Ellie Keys
Amanda Lanclos
Ryan Michele
Dawne Walters

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Sometim29073660es I wish it would rain.
Sometimes I wish it would pour
But most times
I just wish I could learn to soar

Learning to soar

I’ve spent most of my life living for others, guided by another and shown what “is best” for me. One morning, I decided I’d reached the end of my rope with the life I was leading. That was the morning I became Reign again.
~Reign Amethyst Jeffries

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CoverAt a very young age, Katerina Deshion became the Chosen One–leader of the Society of Divination and their covens. With this title came great responsibility and sacrifice. If only foreshadowing were part of her innate powers. Temptation comes knocking on her door in the form of Xavian. A true-life Angel. A moment of weakness changes Katerina’s life forever. Will Katerina’s power be enough to save their son’s life or will Xavian be successful in his never-ending quest?



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Shantee A Parks – Spotlight!!

Shantee A Parks Banner

Author picAuthor Bio:
Shantee’ A. Parks is the Best Selling author of Not Giving Up, Samantha Posey Love Unfolded, Love Reveals and Love Conquers. She’s from Detroit, Michigan living in Atlanta, Georgia. She love’s to travel. She has been to London and Paris and would love to some day travel to Italy. She’s been writing since high school. When she’s not taking care of her family she is reading and writing “STEAMY HOT” romance stories.

A happily ever after (HEA) is always important to her. She needs it as much as her readers do. Sometimes she can leave a cliff hanger but she always gives an HEA at the end of either a stand alone or series!


Book Info:

Samantha Posey Love Unfolded cover

Samantha Posey Love Unfolded

SAMANTHA POSEY is a wonderful party planner who does what it takes to make the party a success. She meets Jacob Latters, a successful business man, celebrity and billionaire playboy. Women are of no shortage to him, but finding love isn’t in the cards for him, though he wishes it was. Jacob has never met a woman like her. This is an encounter that will definitely change both of their lives. Their erotic experience is surreal making the sex mind-blowing! The romance and sparks between these two are instantaneous. She is so intoxicating to him he soon finds he just can’t leave Samantha Posey alone. They encounter one problem after another… kidnapping, lies, hypnosis, and families keeping them apart. You can’t stop the suspense and danger that happens in their lives. Their addiction to one another is real. Will their love survive?

Samantha Posey Love Reveals cover

Samantha Posey: Love Reveals
The heart-stopping ending of book one will have you hanging onto every word from the first page till the last in book two. The Party Planner snags her Celebrity Billionaire Prince taking the red carpet by storm. Their makeup sessions are still erotic and explosive, and will keep you wanting more. The rollercoaster ride for them just doesn’t stop. Will Jacob be able to get past the tragedy that happened in his life? How deep is Samantha and Jacob’s past? Will they embrace their new lives as America’s most skilled assassins or will they turn their backs on future missions to build their lives together.

Samantha Posey Love Conquers cover
Samantha Posey: Love Conquers

JACOB AND SAMANTHA LATTERS found out they have a deeper bond than first realized. They looked into their past in an unconventional way. After Jacob healed, they had to go on a dangerous but important mission. They finally got a chance to enjoy each other in every emotional and physical way. When Samantha was kidnapped, Jacob nearly lost his grip with reality. The tension between Jacob and his mother-in-law becomes unbearable. She blames him for Samantha’s kidnapping. Will Jacob be able to rescue Samantha? If so, what will become of their life after this horrible ordeal? Will danger disrupt their lives again?

Shantee A Parks - Samantha Posey Love Conquers Teaser (ESM)

Not Giving Up Cover

Not Giving Up

MEET BRANDON CHRISTOPHER ASHER II. All throughout college, he was a well-known playboy. The Harvard medical student met mocha beauty, Zoey, and fell hard. She has a troubled past and she’s not looking for love. Nevertheless, Brandon captured Zoey’s heart. The women in his life are not accepting of her. Brandon wants a future with Zoey, however Zoey doesn’t believe she deserves love. She believes any chance at happiness is non-existent. Will Zoey let this Billionaire philanthropist into her heart? What will happen if Brandon learns the truth about Zoey’s past?

Shantee A Parks - Not Giving Up Teaser (ESM)


#EllieKeys Advice to Dreamers – Author to Author/Dreamer

author advice

During the course of my 31 Days of Authors journey, I asked some of the authors to answer a bonus question. I found the responses to be enlightening and inspiring. I even provided a bit of my own. The responses could be applied to any individual that is aspiring to begin a new journey in their career or personal life. Here are the responses that I received, along with the question that I asked:  

What advice would you give an author questioning whether they should continue their writing journey?

My favorite quote is one from Audrey Hepburn: “Nothing’s impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible”

That pretty much sums it up. If you dream it, do it.  Seek out the help of fellow authors and above all….never say never.  I’m an optimist by heart, so I like to encourage people to chase those dreams.

                                                ~Jennifer Theriot

 Never let anyone tell you not to chase your dream. Learn as much as you can and put out the best book possible. There’s no magic trick to it. Just write, read, and keep on working.

                                                ~Chelle Bliss

I would say that everyone’s journey is different. I was writing stories for the joy of it before they sold. If I never sold another story I would still write because I create worlds I love to escape into. If you’re asking should you keep writing. . .then my answer is only if you feel driven to. If you’re asking if you should write as a career, I’d say—only if you can afford to.

                                                ~Ruth Cardello

I recently went through a stage where I was questioning whether I wanted to continue writing. Between soccer practice (two different teams), school (I’m a full time Psychology major), my domestic duties as a mother and wife, and my full time job, I didn’t have time. I had so much going on that I never stopped moving. This made me question my writing. At the time it was the expendable and non-reproductive aspect of my life. Sales were crap, I never had time to write, everything costs so much to produce the work. It was very overwhelming. I was ready to quit. And I know this is as cliché as it gets, but a few days after I decided I was done I had a dream. In my dream I was sitting next to Colleen Hoover and E.L. James. We were doing some sort of panel discussion and then I woke up. I decided if I was going to be one of the greats, I had to put out great work. Couldn’t do that while asleep, so I got up and got to it. Haven’t looked back. My advice is to pray on it and do what is best for you. You don’t have to publish to be a writer, and the biggest achievements started with nothing at all. Make your nothing into something that will impact the world.

                                                ~Tabetha Thompson

Write.  Just write.  Even if you don’t like what you’re writing, continue.  The story will evolve and you’ll make the not-so-good parts better when you edit.  It will all come together in the end.

                                                ~Jenna Galicki

F*** everyone else, write how you want to. Just like you love the type of story that you are writing, somewhere out there is a reader who is gonna love to read it. Giving up is not an option if the only thing you eat, sleep, and dream about is writing. One day the hard work, crying, and moments of doubt will pay off.

                                                ~Khai L. Bayne

There is no right or wrong answer to whether or not you should continue your journey.  Also, whatever choice you make can be changed.  I would say to ask yourself why you started writing, and then ask why you would quit.  The answers might give you insight to your true reasons.  Sometimes we begin to question because our creative well has run dry from overuse.  In those cases, a break to allow it to replenish is the answer.  This journey isn’t an easy one, but it should bring a measure of joy.  If it’s not, there’s probably a reason.  The amazing Jennifer Ashley told me once that if you’re not enjoying it, you’re writing the wrong thing.  She was 100% right.  Writing should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be torture.

                                                ~Erin Quinn

advice 1

If you set your mind to it, then do it. As with any dream, it is going to take hard work, diligence, a thick skin, and perseverance to make it happen. No matter what, DON’T GIVE UP! Know your field, which means do as much research as you possibly can. I ask questions of other authors. We tend to be rather helpful, at least the majority of us are.

                                                ~Ellie Keys


#EllieKeys 31 Days of Authors – Ireland Taylor

Author Profile Pic


Ireland Taylor is such an amazing woman. She is insanely talented and a great author friend. I haven’t contacted her often, but when I do ask her for swag, donations, or anything else, she is always willing to participate. The woman is a rock star and I adore her children’s books. They are beautiful.

EK – My message to all the authors: Thank you so very much for being willing to sign up to do this interview. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know you, share your thoughts, and highlight your work.

EK:  What is your pen name?

    1. Is it different from the name on your birth certificate?
    2. How did you come up with your pen name?

Ireland Taylor:  1- Ireland Taylor

      1. Yes
      2. Ireland Taylor is my daughter’s first and middle name.

EK:  Does your work fit into one genre? If not, tell us about it. If so, do the same.

Ireland Taylor:  I write books for both children and teen/young adult.

EK:   What is the title of your most recent or upcoming release?

Ireland Taylor:  This spring I will be releasing, Oliver Wiggins and the Fleeing Skeleton Key. It’s the first book in my new teen/young adult fantasy adventure series, Skeleton Key Adventures.

EK:  What inspired this work?

Ireland Taylor:  Anyone that knows me, knows that ever since the first book, I’ve been a ginormous Harry Potter and of course, J.K. Rowling fan. I study her and her writing almost religiously. Because of this, I’ve dreamt of writing my own series that was just as adventurous, and something kids and adults alike would enjoy. Out of this, the Skeleton Key Adventures series was born.

EK:  What is your favorite thing about writing?

Ireland Taylor:  Without a doubt, my favorite thing about writing, is when I sit down in my office, start writing, and then everything around me fades away, and I emerge in the story as if I’m the “all seeing eye” from above, watching the story play out like a movie.

EK: Now for the fun stuff …

EK:  What is your favorite snack while taking a much needed author break?

Ireland Taylor:  I get weak in the knees for Swiss Debbie Cake Rolls. If I’m out of those, then my next “can’t live without” snack is Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks.

EK: What is one of the craziest things you’ve done in your life?

Ireland Taylor:  I’d have to say it was when we packed up our entire house in Florida, in a span of two weeks, then moved cross-country to Colorado. All while eight months pregnant with our son, Riley.

EK:  The house is on fire, what are you grabbing if your family is safe and sound?

Ireland Taylor:  Without a second thought…my coffeemaker! Oh, and my computer too. (<- this one made me smile.)

EK:  What is your “go to” movie, book, or show?

Ireland Taylor:  The Walking Dead. Luckily, I now have, Fear of the Walking Dead, to tide me over while the other is on hiatus.

EK: Who is one of your favorite authors? Why?

Ireland Taylor:  Without a doubt, it has to be J.K. Rowling. Her writing is amazing, but her life story is even more so. It is what inspires me to strive for greatness within my own life and writing.

EK: Please share your social media links:

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EK: Please share your purchase links:

AmazonBarnes & Noble|iTunesGoogle Play😐 Kobo

Ireland T

Thank you to Ireland Taylor for taking the time to answer these questions. You are appreciated. 

Come back tomorrow to read what responses author Samantha Jacobey gives.


#EllieKeys The Highly Capable by Jayme Beddingfield (Giveaways)

Jayme Beddingfield

What would you do if you could control objects with your mind?

Would you be able to choose between right and wrong?

Eighteen-year-old Ruby Dawson was born with the powers to move things
with her mind. She thought she was the only one of her kind until she
met Tristan-a self-destructive drug addict and a crew of super-powered
thieves. Working in the shadows, the crew follows their fire conjuring
leader, Madison, as they descend further and further into the world of
organized crime.

Ruby finds herself in a whirlwind of wrong decisions, lies, murder, and
realizations she isn’t ready to face. As Ruby watches Tristan disappear
further into his drug addiction and her team fight for more money and
territory, she struggles with who she has become. Can Ruby walk away
from the closest thing she has to a family and be the hero she is
actually meant to be?

The Highly Capable- Volume One of the Ruby Dawson Saga, an urban
fantasy, is a tormenting and emotional tale of self-discovery.

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