Self-motivation, inspiration and pep talks

There are days when I question myself and the decisions that I’ve made. There are days when I question my faith and my beliefs. There are moments when I feel as if I am completely lost and regretful of things that I was sure of the day before. Today was one of those days. Anxiety can cause a person to question their actions. I had a mini attack today because of my upcoming move to South Carolina. Anytime you venture out of your comfort zone nervousness can set in. It is rather interesting how the slightest thing can make you completely panic. When you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is time for you to make a move, then you need to stop, take a breath and believe in that truth that was there before the anxiety tried to take over. I am taking my own advice on this particular issue. I took said breath, said a prayer and left it in the hands that will be able to make changes happen that no other could. Now I feel 110% better.



Today’s blog will be fairly simple, short and sweet.  As I prepare to make a major change in my life, I find that this is also the perfect time for me to purge myself mentally, physically and spiritually.  I am removing things from my life that will cause me to feel hindered or weighted down.  This is a beyond fantastic purge. I am fortunate, in the fact that I have discovered this now and not when I’m too old to enjoy it! I even did some updating to my website.  I am grateful that I am still a work in progress and feel privileged to know that my life inspires others to make changes in their own. (What do you think?)

Life’s a box of chocolates!!

You’re probably wondering why all of my posts have some form of food analogy or metaphor in it?! It’s because it is something that my son and I love. Cooking and watching food shows. 

This is my reason for posting today though.  I am writing because I am happy about the things to come.  One of my biggest pet peaves would have to be those unwilling to believe in themselves enough to take a chance.  I have finally hit a point where I am living my life for me.  I am not running things by anyone else.  I am making this move and enjoying every moment of it.  I look forward to being able to say, “I did it!!” I can honestly say that I am truly and genuinely happy.  I am walking in the truth of who I am for the first time in my life.  I have never wanted to be the one to allow fear to rule my life.  I haven’t in the past and I refuse to start now.  So, I am taking a chance on me for a change and enjoying the moments of it.  I’m having my big ole’ box of chocolates and enjoying every bite. ~E.L.R. Jones

Positives…no Negatives here!!

I have lived a whole LOT of life in my 30+ years.  I have had to deal with a lot of ups and downs, ins and outs, twists and turns.  My life has not been a bed of roses.  The one thing that has always been my saving grace is the fact that no matter what life has thrown at me, I have been able to pick myself up and keep on moving.  I have never been content with the status quo or “brands.” It has never been who or what I am. 

I say that to say, “For every negative that I have encountered, there has been a greater positive.” I am waking up with that revelation.  I am a living testament that you have to believe in who you are and what your dreams are in order for them to come to fruition.  I am grateful for every portion of support along the way (whether long term or short term). 

I’ve had my water with lemon and have sampled my appetizers.  I’m ready for the main course.  My positive for the rest of the year:


Oh Happy Day!!

Ready to have my cake and eat it too.  Taking in the sights right now and reveling in the positive reviews. I’m happy that others are able to relate and enjoy my works. For those of you that don’t know, you can find my latest work here:

Happy reading!!

~ E.L.R. Jones

A work in progress – can you say…UNDERSTATEMENT!!

Today, I came to the realization that I still have a lot to learn about the world of publishing. I know, I know. I am the new kid on the block and I just started getting my work out there, but SHEESH! It’s a hard knocks life, people. I have had my eyes opened in ways that I can’t even begin to tell you. The world of self-publishing is a beasty. I am beyond grateful for the support that I have received. I learn something new every day. I am enjoying getting to the meat of it all, but right now I’m finding that I haven’t even ordered my beverage yet. Here’s hoping for things to come easier as I try to get a water with lemon. ~ E.L.R. Jones