Positives…no Negatives here!!

I have lived a whole LOT of life in my 30+ years.  I have had to deal with a lot of ups and downs, ins and outs, twists and turns.  My life has not been a bed of roses.  The one thing that has always been my saving grace is the fact that no matter what life has thrown at me, I have been able to pick myself up and keep on moving.  I have never been content with the status quo or “brands.” It has never been who or what I am. 

I say that to say, “For every negative that I have encountered, there has been a greater positive.” I am waking up with that revelation.  I am a living testament that you have to believe in who you are and what your dreams are in order for them to come to fruition.  I am grateful for every portion of support along the way (whether long term or short term). 

I’ve had my water with lemon and have sampled my appetizers.  I’m ready for the main course.  My positive for the rest of the year:



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