From the mind of an Author

Amazing! Actually, not so much! Today is one of those days that I look at what I’ve accomplished as an Author and say that I am grateful that I have chosen to go after my dreams of being published.  Nothing in particular happened to spark this feeling.  I didn’t have a fan gushing over my work or a fantastic review.  I just woke up feeling grateful that I am in this community of supportive individuals.  I am thankful for each person that I have had the opportunity to meet along the way.  I appreciate the ability to pay it forward and aide someone else in fulfilling their dreams.  Who I am is because of those that have supported me and encouraged me to keep pressing on. 

I look at where I was exactly one year ago today and I think of the person who was still trying to figure out the next step in her journey.  If I could speak with her today then I would say, “Thank you for questioning your purpose and taking a moment to realize what your greatest desire was.”  I recently posted an online event for the release of my next book and was so happy to see how quickly so many people responded.  It is taking a little bit of time, but I am building a following for my work, my kindness and my willingness to help out someone else. 

You see, sometimes the “nice guys” do win! Even if it is the little things, I’ll take those and hold them close to my heart.

~E. ❤

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