Truth…or Switzerland/Neutral


I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately.  I have also been doing research and genuinely interested in some works.  I’ve begun some series and wondered if I was reading the same work that 60+ others gave a 5 star rating to.  I wonder how many have truly read the work versus posting under the guise of supporting a friend?

I personally would rather have someone give me an honest review versus allowing me to release a work that “needs work.”

In life, I have tried to make sure that when giving my opinion it is my honest opinion. I wouldn’t have my closest friends “out in the streets” misrepresenting themselves.  I also wouldn’t have them turning in sub par work.  Yet, it is being produced, supported and referred in so many of the works that I’ve read in the past 6 months.

I’ at a loss.  If I’ve read 45 books in the past 6 months then 20 have remained on my ereader.  Half of that list would probably not be read again or recommended.  I think maybe my expectations and standards are too high.

In the end, the question still stands: do you speak the truth or remain neutral and not offer an opinion on the matter?


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