Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 1)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Brian’s Call is Book 1 and tells the story of Brian Wallace. It shares how he brought the team together and a little-known fact about his past. The  woman who held his heart is now a member of his new team. How shall this man deal with working with someone who chose to walk away from him years ago?

Here is chapter one:

The Introduction – Chapter 1


Brian Wallace is the self-proclaimed “token black” of their group. He always jokes that he doesn’t know why he hangs out with them, but they all know their very own “golden boy” wouldn’t have it any other way. At six feet five inches, 250 pounds of solid man, he is and will always be a beautiful being; drool worthy even. His beautiful, deep, chocolate brown skin is marred by a cut to his left cheek (Marine football tackle gone wrong) and a few moles. He has that big, pretty, Julia Roberts type of smile, but his seems to take over his entire face. The clean cut look (a completely bald head) he has been sporting recently is better received by the group over the braids that he formerly wore. His expressively bright, brown eyes crinkle in the corners when he smiles. He is also the unspoken protector.

Brian Wallace had been part of the Marine Corps until he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was a Sergeant Major in the service and enjoyed the time he was enlisted. The condition he now lives with caused him to walk away from everything for a while. He was honorably discharged from the Marines. Members of his former unit would regularly stop by the ranch-style house that he kept. They would come through and hang out with Sgt Major Wallace then move on. During those times, he wouldn’t be as available to hang out with them. He would make up for it when he returned or when his “buddies” left by hosting some crazy event at his place.

All of them were told that he worked at Whole Foods Market, but no one ever saw him in the store. He always parked outside the building in the employee parking lot. When anyone called, they were told that he was unavailable. His big black F-250 sometimes sits there for a few days. Sgt Major Brian dated a young woman by the name of Scarlett for a couple of months, but has recently been tied to another who goes by the name of Artemis. It is said that she was a goddess. They only dated for a few months as well, but neither woman could handle the very obvious “disappearing” acts. He let the second know he was there for her, but there were things that he had to tend to and he couldn’t be at her beck and call. With that statement, he had effectively ended their relationship. After some tense moments, they both agreed that they made better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

“What in the hell kind of report is this, Kevin? I’m looking to find out more information about the team we’ve heard reports that this man putting together and I feel like I’m looking at the beginnings of a love letter or homage to him. Who put this shit together? Was it you or Isa?”


A female’s barely suppressed groan comes through the comms as the two men stand poised to take a shot if they deemed it necessary. The two silently communicated that a change in position was needed to get a better line of sight on their target as well as the unsuspecting inside man who stood in the middle of the calm before the storm. The taller of the two stood and became a shadow as he moved through the night.

“Lead Dog, for such a mass of man, you sure know how to disappear like a damn ghost. Guess that’s why your name is fitting.”

A growl of disgust could be heard from a gruffer tone than the rich timber of the first male’s voice.

“Hound, watch Lucky, not me.”

“Got eyes, Lead Dog,” came a third male’s voice. It sounded as if it were coming from the bottom of a barrel. It was just that deep.

“Hey man, don’t imply I don’t. I’m focused on … shit! Movement. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the motherfucking prize. It’s going down.”

The prize was a suitcase full of weapons that was stolen from the docks the previous night. This step was going to get them a bit closer to the grand prize. Brian noted the win to himself. His man on the inside had the case in hand and was set to give the signal so that they could get moving. He’d wanted this quick and clean. It appeared that was exactly what he was going to get.

The sign was given just as he got into his new position. The man inside fired first and in quick succession three other shots were fired. Not one could be heard on the winds since silencers were used. As he moved to stand, two men came out of the shadows within the room to attack their guy inside from behind. Turning, Brian’s man fired the kill shot for one as the other was taken out by his fourth guy. Tipping his head, he acknowledged his man who was quick to respond. They each moved quickly to the rendezvous point.

Brian was giddy like a kid with a new toy as he thought about the team he’d assembled. The four members, who included himself, he already had in place worked well together. He hoped the added members would, as well. The next phase of the job depended on it.

Brian's Call Teaser 1

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