Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 5)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Wellsie’s Dilemma is Book 5 and tells the story of Wellsie Sharp. Wellsie has always been the ambitious type. When an opportunity to run her own operation presents herself, she literally finds herself having to choose between the family she has created and her career. During her decision making process, the key to capturing the team’s nemesis presents itself. What will be Wellsie’s choice and will the team finally have the opportunity to close the “Lang” chapter?

Here is chapter one:

It didn’t take the crew long to get their gear and put their plan in motion. Once the idiot, Wilde, had been caught for the second time and recognized he was going to be kept by Trig along with the rest of the crew he’d screwed over, he sang a different tune than before. It turned out Wilde had a regular hankering for Indian food. Everywhere the man went he had to have a spot that he would partake of his favorite eats. That’s how Trig had found him.

During their “private one-on-one time” together, Trig had apparently let Wilde know that Brian had given the go ahead to put a bullet between the man’s eyes if he didn’t produce a direct lead to Lang. That lead was what they were following now.

Hounder walked alongside Wellsie and nudged her shoulder. She turned slightly to look up at him and felt the blush creep across her face in response to the heat of his gaze.

“You’re not allowed to look at me like that right now. I need to be focused on the task at hand. Plus, I just started the Depo shot. Unless you have the Fort Knox of condoms to contain your little swimmers, you’re not getting at me until we are safely ensconced in our home.”

“Aww, Wells baby, you know I get all riled up anytime I see you in full assassin mode. It’s one of my major weaknesses.”

“Hound dog … baby, my general presence is your major weakness.”

The man smiled and she felt herself weakening at the sight of it. He still had that ability even after three kids and years together. As they approached the van, she shook her head before she made one final attempt to thwart his advances.

“I’ll make a note of it for tonight. For now, you go ride with Ghost. I’m riding with Trig.”

“I’m not liking this arrangement. You know this.”

Nodding her head, she gave him a playful smile. Hounder bent down and peered into her eyes. Wellsie almost caved in. Clearing her throat and visibly shaking herself, she pushed at his rock hard chest.

“Go. You know it’s for the best.”

He gave her a lopsided grin before giving her a quick kiss and jogging toward the other van.

“I almost had you.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”

His responding chuckle reached her ears as she climbed into the back of the second van.

“Gotta love that man.”

“So you say.”

She cast a look at Trig and saw that he was smiling.

“It’s the truth.”

“Know it. Looks good on you, One Shot.”


“Bastard always was too hot to handle.”

“Yeah? I think I handle him well.”

“You do. That you do.”

“How do you stand to be in the same room with him and all of that …”

“Cuban sex appeal? It’s a daunting experience and takes great skill. It’s also one that I’m not alone in having to deal with. You’ve seen our men. A group of models this lot is. It’s nothing for my sex drive to hit overdrive in mere seconds. I’ve just got to learn to curb it so I can cease being the baby making factory.”

Trig’s sharp laugh/cough earned him a glare from her.

“Not likely, One Shot.”

“You’re just as bad as him. I believe that fucker is trying to build a small army using my cooch and womb.”

Sabrina’s and Trig’s laughs filled the van. She didn’t try to hold back her own.

“Pregnancy suits you. Sam says it every time you are full, plump, and round.”

“Trig, I’ve only been pregnant twice and I’m trying to hold off on a repeat offense. Suiting me or not doesn’t make me want to remain in a constant state of pregnancy to maintain that beauty that everyone says I have during those nine months. I’m not some mare doling out prize foals in exchange for a good lay.”

Trig nearly choked on the water he was drinking.

“Oh fuck. One Shot, you can’t say shit like that when I’m drinking and/or fucking driving.”

Sabrina was trying to cover up her laugh as she spoke to Wellsie.

“I didn’t know you were so funny. You’re always so serious.”

“It’s my resting bitch face, isn’t it?”

Trig snorted and shook his head. Sabrina’s face screwed up with a look of confusion marring her features. Wellsie tossed her a smile as the van came to a stop.

“You don’t have a resting bitch face.”

A bark of laughter came from the driver’s seat and it was Wellsie’s turn to shake her head.

“It was a joke, hon. We’re here.”

Trig hopped out but not before calling out, “Game faces, people.”

Yes, it was time for them to focus. They had Lang balls to hunt. Wellsie snickered. She recalled B.B. once saying to Isa that she wouldn’t mind seeing the guy strung up by his danglers. Wellsie would love to make good on that request for her friend and the true reason behind her joining the team.

* * *

Wellsie took out the sketch that Proph had put together based upon the description that Paul provided them. She was watching the crowd as she got into position. The glint from Trig’s gun told her that he was in place on the roof directly across from her. Sabrina, Charlie, and Hounder were on the ground inside the airport.

Lang was set to board a flight for Washington in a few hours. Paul had claimed he didn’t have any information on why Lang was heading to Washington and not remaining in Nevada where Ghost and the rest of the team were. The man had confirmed that Lang had been targeting them so that he could get them out of the way.


Trig’s voice was as clear as if he were sitting right next to her and not the hundred or so yards he was from her. He was in place and had eyes on Sabrina. Wellsie focused her sight on her scope and saw that Hounder was in position as well as Charlie.


Ghost came on the comms with a slight bit of static. That wasn’t supposed to be there.


She agreed with Trig’s assessment. Something wasn’t right. If there was something causing crackles in their comms, it meant there was another set of comms online. It was a set of comms that were closely related to the frequency Proph had put in place for them. There was only one other group that had that set of comms.

“Proph, scan your formula.”

“Already on it.”

Wellsie recalled Hounder stating the face in the drawing looked vaguely familiar. He couldn’t recall from where so they’d all let it go. The feeling of uneasiness made her wish they would’ve taken another moment before venturing out on this journey. There was a bigger picture and Wellsie knew it, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. It rubbed her the wrong way.

“Out. Command!”

Ghost’s command for the team to return but not to their base of operations meant something was going on. That uneasy feeling increased exponentially as she packed up her gear and hauled ass to get back to the van.

Wellsie's Dilemma

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor- -Winter is dead.”


Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 1)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Brian’s Call is Book 1 and tells the story of Brian Wallace. It shares how he brought the team together and a little-known fact about his past. The  woman who held his heart is now a member of his new team. How shall this man deal with working with someone who chose to walk away from him years ago?

Here is chapter one:

The Introduction – Chapter 1


Brian Wallace is the self-proclaimed “token black” of their group. He always jokes that he doesn’t know why he hangs out with them, but they all know their very own “golden boy” wouldn’t have it any other way. At six feet five inches, 250 pounds of solid man, he is and will always be a beautiful being; drool worthy even. His beautiful, deep, chocolate brown skin is marred by a cut to his left cheek (Marine football tackle gone wrong) and a few moles. He has that big, pretty, Julia Roberts type of smile, but his seems to take over his entire face. The clean cut look (a completely bald head) he has been sporting recently is better received by the group over the braids that he formerly wore. His expressively bright, brown eyes crinkle in the corners when he smiles. He is also the unspoken protector.

Brian Wallace had been part of the Marine Corps until he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was a Sergeant Major in the service and enjoyed the time he was enlisted. The condition he now lives with caused him to walk away from everything for a while. He was honorably discharged from the Marines. Members of his former unit would regularly stop by the ranch-style house that he kept. They would come through and hang out with Sgt Major Wallace then move on. During those times, he wouldn’t be as available to hang out with them. He would make up for it when he returned or when his “buddies” left by hosting some crazy event at his place.

All of them were told that he worked at Whole Foods Market, but no one ever saw him in the store. He always parked outside the building in the employee parking lot. When anyone called, they were told that he was unavailable. His big black F-250 sometimes sits there for a few days. Sgt Major Brian dated a young woman by the name of Scarlett for a couple of months, but has recently been tied to another who goes by the name of Artemis. It is said that she was a goddess. They only dated for a few months as well, but neither woman could handle the very obvious “disappearing” acts. He let the second know he was there for her, but there were things that he had to tend to and he couldn’t be at her beck and call. With that statement, he had effectively ended their relationship. After some tense moments, they both agreed that they made better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

“What in the hell kind of report is this, Kevin? I’m looking to find out more information about the team we’ve heard reports that this man putting together and I feel like I’m looking at the beginnings of a love letter or homage to him. Who put this shit together? Was it you or Isa?”


A female’s barely suppressed groan comes through the comms as the two men stand poised to take a shot if they deemed it necessary. The two silently communicated that a change in position was needed to get a better line of sight on their target as well as the unsuspecting inside man who stood in the middle of the calm before the storm. The taller of the two stood and became a shadow as he moved through the night.

“Lead Dog, for such a mass of man, you sure know how to disappear like a damn ghost. Guess that’s why your name is fitting.”

A growl of disgust could be heard from a gruffer tone than the rich timber of the first male’s voice.

“Hound, watch Lucky, not me.”

“Got eyes, Lead Dog,” came a third male’s voice. It sounded as if it were coming from the bottom of a barrel. It was just that deep.

“Hey man, don’t imply I don’t. I’m focused on … shit! Movement. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the motherfucking prize. It’s going down.”

The prize was a suitcase full of weapons that was stolen from the docks the previous night. This step was going to get them a bit closer to the grand prize. Brian noted the win to himself. His man on the inside had the case in hand and was set to give the signal so that they could get moving. He’d wanted this quick and clean. It appeared that was exactly what he was going to get.

The sign was given just as he got into his new position. The man inside fired first and in quick succession three other shots were fired. Not one could be heard on the winds since silencers were used. As he moved to stand, two men came out of the shadows within the room to attack their guy inside from behind. Turning, Brian’s man fired the kill shot for one as the other was taken out by his fourth guy. Tipping his head, he acknowledged his man who was quick to respond. They each moved quickly to the rendezvous point.

Brian was giddy like a kid with a new toy as he thought about the team he’d assembled. The four members, who included himself, he already had in place worked well together. He hoped the added members would, as well. The next phase of the job depended on it.

Brian's Call Teaser 1

Brian's Call - Honor Anthology

***  AVAILABLE NOW   ***

Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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#EllieKeys Reign Again by Ellie Keys (New Release & Giveaway)


Title:  Reign Again

Author: Ellie Keys

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date:  May  17th, 2016

Reign Again


Sometimes I wish it would rain.

                Sometimes I wish it would pour

                                But most times

                                                I just wish I could learn to soar

Learning to soar

I’ve spent most of my life living for others, guided by another and shown what “is best” for me. One morning, I decided I’d reached the end of my rope with the life I was leading. That was the morning I became Reign again.

~Reign Amethyst Jeffries


Reign Again w Jase

ReignAgainby Ellie Keys

I Wish It Would Reign - jpg


“I was looking for my clothes so I could make my exit. You didn’t leave that information in your note.”
His smile faltered when he looked at what was left of my dress that I’d been wearing the night before. The look he was sporting had me giggling because he looked like a little kid that figured out he shouldn’t roll his toy car in the street with other cars. Very specific example there, might want to get out a bit more, Reign.
“What was that last bit there? What specific example?”
His look and words had me realizing that I hadn’t just thought that, I’d actually spoken that aloud.
“Ha. Yeah, that was in reference to something that I was thinking, which I believed I’d said only in my head. Okay. We’re going to move passed that one. I need to get something from you.”
At his quirked eyebrow and questioning glance, I quickly corrected my statement.
“I mean, I need some clothes or pants. I can’t leave here with just this shirt.”
He gave me an appreciative once over and muttered something to himself. Was he actually attracted to me or just the fact that there was a half-naked woman in front of him? Hold on, or was he recalling something we did last night?
“Did we … did you and I have sex last night?”
My face must’ve reflected the sheer terror that I felt at the possibility that I did something that stupid. I’m a mother. I cannot have idiotic moments like that. The man is “fuck me until I don’t know my own name” hot, but I don’t have time for getting caught up in a moment.
“Relax, Reign. We didn’t do anything.”
My face fell. I was scrutinizing his features as I relaxed about the fact that we hadn’t done anything, but I needed to be sure.
“You’re sure? Nothing, absolutely nothing, happened between the two of us?”
His chest moved up and down as he released a chuckle then an exasperated sigh. His hands moved to his pockets as he responded.
“Reign, I assure you, nothing happened between us last night.”
The way he adamantly spoke told me that he was telling the truth. Now, I felt like a fool because I wanted to know why nothing happened. We were obviously attracted to one another. I mean I was checking him out and he was doing the same. Chewing the inside of my jaw, I thought about last night and tried to remember the details. I really wanted to know why we hadn’t done anything. Since we hadn’t, how in the hell did I end up in his shirt?
“Reign, I can see the cogs of that brain of yours working. There are several reasons why we didn’t do anything. For one, I prefer conscious women when engaging in sexual activity. Call me old fashioned that way. Two, I don’t make it a habit to bring women to this place. It is where I lay my head when I have to work. I left the party last night with you and brought you here. On my way here, I called a doctor friend of mine and she came to check you out. She’s the one that changed your clothes from the ones you got sick all over. FYI, you got mine as well. She helped you clean up and put you in that shirt. Third, she could barely get you out of the clothes you were in. You fought Marlena the entire time. Call me crazy, but I don’t fight women to bed them. I prefer a willing participant.” He smiled then shook his head before adding, “In the spirit of full disclosure, I rifled through your bag to find your phone so I would have your number to call the famous woman who passed out on me last night.”

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About the Author: 

Ellie Keys is an author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and mystery. She spends a great deal of her time lending her unrelenting pen to the voices that have taken over her mind. The characters that readers will find in her works have a demanding nature. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created.

She lives in Georgia with her son. Her loves outside of writing are reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie. Inspiration comes from everything around her. There is a great deal in store for lovers of romance and suspense seekers. She invites you to follow her via social media.

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Ellie Keys


Chyra: The Norton Sisters Series, Book 4 (New Release)

Chyra full cover

Title: Chyra: Book 4

Author: Ellie Keys

Series: The Norton Sister Series

Genre: Romance, Adult

Release: Sept. 17, 2015

Chyra final ebook cover


Chapter 1


Chyra stood in the middle of the restaurant looking at most of the members of her family while trying to fight back the tears that had been threatening since they began their surprise attack. This was not how she expected this day to go.  Her plan was just to work her way through the mess.  They’d now taken that option away.

She woke up just a few days ago thinking that she could handle anything that came her way.  Christmas had been a complete disaster thanks to the unveiling of a truth she hadn’t been prepared to share.  Her drunken call to let Zach know just how she felt and what she thought of him had ended with her apparently sleeping with him. Her adorable little boy couldn’t stop the beaming smile that was plastered on his face when he emerged from the bathroom and found that he was at his mother’s house with his father there along with them. There went the New Year’s holiday.  She had to possibly crush her little boy’s hopes and dreams.

That morning had been spent fielding questions from a very curious little boy that wanted to know when they were moving.  He also had ideas about the house they should get.  Zachariah went as far as putting in his “order” for a little sister.

At first he didn’t know why he wanted a sister and not a brother.  After a moment or two of thinking, her little Zachy told her his reasons.

“I have a good idea. I think it should be a patterin.  It can be me because I’m a boy.  I’m first.  A sister, she woulds be a girl then a brother then another sister.  See Mommy. It would be boy then girl then boy then girl, a patterin.  It can’t be like Auntie Rayna and Unca Chris.  They have the girl first.  I’m not a girl. Our pattern is different, right Mommy?”

“Yes, baby boy.  Our pattern would be different because you are a boy and you were born first. So, you think mommy is going to have three more babies?”

“Four.  It has to be a…um…,” his little nose scrunched up while he thought some more and she could’ve just kissed him. He always had the ability to take her mind off the things she was dealing with.  “Auntie Wynnie tells me it.  Oh, it’s a evens number.  That’s what. Evens numbers are good. Are they, Daddy?”

She’d almost forgotten Zach had been there with them until the moment Zachy had asked that question. He’d looked so comfortable in her home, her personal space.  It had made her nervous.  She turned her attention back to fixing them all breakfast while Zach answered questions or fielded them her way.  It was his way of letting her know that he knew she was trying to avoid the obvious predicament they’d found themselves in. Chyra reluctantly answered the continuing list of questions her four year old had.

After an hour or so of her and Zach answering question after question, she couldn’t answer another.  She needed to come up with something to stave off the rest of the inquisition.  It took her telling him that they were going to spend time with his cousin, Nakia, to get him to stop. Zachary had been no help at all.  He just sat at the table laughing every time Zachy hit her with another question.

Once she got them out of the house, she made sure that she was unavailable to have visitors or take any calls for the rest of the day.  She needed to sort out what was going on in her head.  Fortunately for her, Lynnia had closed the restaurant for the holidays.  Her sister told everyone that her family restaurant employees needed to have time to spend with their own families and the holiday break was the perfect time to do it.



Book 4 Teaser Red


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Ellie Keys is an author of mystery and thriller novels. The characters of her stories are loud, exuberant and controlling when it comes to demanding her attention. The personalities that come out on paper give audience members insight into the reason why she is a little off center. She loves writing, reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie.

Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created. There is a great deal in store for lovers of mystery and thrill seekers.

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New Release from Ellie Keys (formerly E. L. R. Jones) My Fairy Darkness

Title: My Fairy Darkness (The Darkness Series, Book 1)
Author: Ellie Keys formerly E. L. R. Jones
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Genre: Adventure Romance

A much anticipated release from this author.  The first four chapters of this book was released originally last month with an anthology: Untamed and Unleashed Paranormal Twists.  Now, the entire novel is available for reader enjoyment.  A portion is shared here just give a little tease for those who want to start it now!

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I’m called Sapphire to those that would bring about death and evil to an otherwise peaceful domain. It is a name that has earned me a modicum of respect and a hell of a lot of enemies. I know this shit. It’s what I crave. Tonight’s enemy better be cooperative. I’m really not in the mood to play around. 
Princess Arabella Gwin has a secret that she’s been keeping from the members of her council and the inhabitants of her kingdom. She believes it best for them not to know about her nighttime activities. She learns that she isn’t the only one that is keeping secrets and the “darkness” within may be the only thing that is keeping her alive. A dark side, a huge secret, a known and unknown enemy along with newcomer trying to keep it together long enough to find out the truth about her past in order to enjoy the future. 
Ellie Keys is the new pen name for author E.L.R. Jones. She is retiring the old name and working under the new.
First Chapter:

~~ The Hindrance (1) ~~


The main doors of the meeting room crash open and in runs a small man. He isn’t really small, but short by comparison to those of our kind. There are those that believe that fairies are cute, dainty, little creatures that can be held in the palm of their hand. This is a gross misconception. We don’t flit around, spread pixie dust or any other crap like that. I, for one, wouldn’t be caught dead in those skimpy, slutty, attention grabbing outfits that she parades around in. We definitely aren’t off spreading love and whatever else that little twit stands for. I am nobody’s Tinkerbell.

Who I am is the reason for this tale? It isn’t supposed to be like this. I didn’t think that it would get this bad. Yet, here I sit. I am sitting at the head of the table, watching an annoying, little man make his way to the elders of our community to inform them of something I already know about. If I weren’t who I was, then I would’ve left already. Unfortunately, I am who I am and I have to give a damn. So, I wait as his weathered body attempts to quicken his steps. He can tell that we are patiently waiting, some of us less so than others, for him to speak. It is not often the evening meal is interrupted. Come to think of it, I can only think of one time. That man lost his head after delivering his news. Hmm, I wonder if that will be what follows today. Ooh, I love a good beheading. Although, that one had been far too quick for my liking.

The little man finally makes it to the center of the room and bows his head. I think I’m going to make a suggestion that we put a microphone or intercom at the entrance. It would save us precious time. I mean who really has time to sit around waiting for our elderly to make their way to us to present themselves. I could’ve done seven rounds of training by now.

I lean to my right where one of the only people that can tolerate my usual foul mood is sitting. My eyes flash. I see the reflection of it in the silverware that’s on the table. I realize the twitchiness that I am feeling is stemming from the side of me that I try to keep dormant. The need to stop this man’s heart or separate his head from his shoulders for his increasingly slow pace is not who I am. It is all part of the darkness that I carry within and fight daily to control.

Before I can voice my greatest desire, he does.

“Saph, don’t. I already know that you’re itching for a kill. Your hand is twitching. Fifteen and I’ll turn you loose,” Carlimine whispers.

At first glance, he looks like a wise, old man with his twin peaks of white streaks that grow from matching points at either side of his temples. The rest of his hair appears to be in rebellion and is jet black. All of it is bone straight and shoulder length when it is released from the confines of the dijo; the hair binding, hand created by my aunt that is silver and carved with his initials. Today, it is up as mine is. His hair is usually either bound in that or the blades we were given.

We wear sacred symbols on the hilt of our blades. They are whispered protections from our ancestors handed down by the heads of the family line. All of our blades, even the ones we wear in our hair, have been twice blessed. Once by the family head, then again by our unit leader. The blades in our hair look like chopsticks. The enemy doesn’t know it’s a weapon until it is too late because it is protruding from their body. The kibos are my second favorite weapons. The first is my kiban and it is a beauty.

Carlimine is my leader. He keeps the ne-athé at bay. He is currently interrupting my thoughts of death and dismemberment with his words of caution and discretion. His call sign is “Uncle Carl”. Although, there are times when he is referred to solely as “C.”. It’s not something I’ve ever used, but I have noticed others making a reference to it. The “call sign” I know is the one that I use.

If that name comes across any of my screens, then I know I have something or someone to take care of. His looks are deceiving, which is the way he likes it. When one looks at his appearance, he looks cool, calm and collected. He doesn’t look as if he has a care in the world. Underneath it all, he is cold, callous and calculating. He is forever accessing the situations around us. The man is a well oiled machine with the body of a twenty-five year old. He is cut so tough that a person will need medical attention if they touch him. The buck stops with him. He taught me everything I know. His voice brings my mind back to the here and now. I’m not allowed to let my mind drift. It isn’t the best if I am left to my own devices for long periods of time. Hence, the reason for the continued mental interruptions.

“Saph, you are not paying attention. Access the room. What do you see?” his words float around me as I make myself focus and do as he has commanded. Even when his words are whispered, I know the difference between a request and a command.

I settle into my seat, but not in the way most would. My chair is wood carved with etchings that match the design of my wings. If those wings were to be released at this moment, then they would give off an indigo hue because I am in the seat of royalty and leadership. The cushions that pad the back and base of my chair share that color as do my robes. The back of the chair is at least three feet higher than the top of my head when I am seated. It is at least a foot and a half taller when I am standing next to it. I stand five feet seven inches without heels. My chair is a seat of power, but is the smallest in comparison with that of my aunt’s and father’s.

When I am seated at my place then my back is flush with the elongated backing of my chair. My feet settle on the post that rests at the front of my seat so that they don’t dangle.

“A royal does not go about kicking their feet, scuffing their shoes or shredding their garments because they think it is fun, Arabella. There is a time for play and a time for seriousness. You must learn to conform and bend to the purposes that have been set before you, my dear.”

I giggle to myself as my aunt’s words come back to me. If she only knew how the words would come to shape my life, then I don’t think she would’ve ever have posed them to me in that manner. Carlimine’s finger tapping my hand causes me to redirect my thoughts. That gesture is a silent reminder that I am not doing what he commanded me to do.   It grates on my nerves and comforts me all at the same time that he knows me well enough to know when I am doing what I am supposed to or not. I attune myself to my surroundings.

My posture is one of rigidity because I’ve stiffened due to my uncle’s slight chastisement. I have to remind myself that he is doing this to teach me. I relax my shoulders and take a deep breath. I am in the middle of my chair. My long arms are resting on the arm rails of it and my hands are loosely hanging over the ends. I open my previously closed eyes and begin my assessment.

The little man is still blathering on. I have no clue exactly what he is saying, but the point of it is there is a threat against the kingdom. Purif is to be attacked sometime in the near future. I begin to watch the man a little bit closer. The bald spot at the top of his head is shiny enough for me to see the reflection of my uncle’s face. Goodness! How sad is that? I wish I could just put him out of his misery. He’s an old man and there won’t be many that will miss him. I’m sure they will get over it with the proper enticement.

About the Author: Ellie Keys is an author of mystery and thriller novels. The characters of her stories are loud, exuberant and controlling when it comes to demanding her attention. The personalities that come out on paper give audience members insight into the reason why she is a little off center. She loves writing, reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie. 

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New Release!! Book 3, The Norton Sisters Series: Nyema


Nyema is the third sister to share her story with my loyal readers and those that are new to me.  I’m so thrilled to be able to share this series with you all.  The beauty of these sisters touch my heart even as I write.  I’ve yet to be able to get through one of these books without bawling my eyes out at some point or another.  As much as I’ve been told people have love these stories, I have to admit that I love them just as much.  I hope that you enjoy the read. 



Nyema Norton is a child psychologist, a mother, a sister, a friend,
amongst other things. She has always been the type to be there to listen if you needed it or give sage advice that helped others to improve upon their lives. She has known great loss. First, her sister, then the father of her child. As such, she has chosen to guard her heart against anyone outside of her family and inner circle of friends. Nyema is perceived as the one that has it all together.

James Kenyon, architect, has always been the man with no desire to have a wife and/or family of his own. He applauds his best friend for stepping out and finding love, but he wants no parts of it. James had decided to assist a friend with having a child. A simple act of kindness, a freak accident and one phone call has his world spinning.  What he doesn’t count on is a loss greater than one he ever thought to endure, a woman that changes his outlook and that very same woman possibly being the missing key to his healing. It helps that she has a precocious yet adorable kid, ta boot.

What will happen when the two meet as counselor and patient?  Will James be the breath of fresh air that she needs in order to be able to truly breathe? Will Nyema be the woman to cause him to be willing to commit to something, someone other than his company and employees?

The Norton Sisters Series is a series about six sisters that share
the same last name, but are six entirely different women. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are therefor each other, always. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

Chapter One:

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What readers are saying about Nyema –

Five Star Reviews:

“I initially wrote the below review (a 1-star review) after downloading a copy of the book on 11/20. However, after the author reached out and confirmed there was indeed an error, I gave the book another try……And Thank God I did because, I Loved, loved, loved Nyema’s story. This story called for Nyema and James to deal with their own personal grief, and while Nyema thought she was helping James, she was really opening up the pathway for healing herself! James and Nyema’s chemistry was off the charts, and little Nakia was just as cute as a button. Nice work Ms. Jones, I can’t wait for the next Norton Sister release!”

“awesome read kept you from the beginning right thru the ending the group of sisters have such a bond I would recommend this series to anyone”

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