Blackguard Hunters Series by Ellie Keys (First Chapters – 3)

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As a little teaser, I am going to post on my blog the first chapter to each of the five short stories in my latest release. I have loved these characters for quite some time. I’m so happy to be sharing them with my followers.

Sam’s Communication is Book  and tells the story of Samantha Davis. The story delves into the lives of Trig and Taps. Both are seeming happy individuals and work will together in every aspect of their lives. the two have been there for one another . Even armed with that knowledge, there is something that Sam is keeping from Trig. Will she make the right choice and confess or will she hold fast to her secret long enough to lose him?

It shares how he brought the team together and a little-known fact about his past. The woman who held his heart is now a member of his new team. How shall this man deal with working with someone who chose to walk away from him years ago?

Here is chapter one:

“Sam, it’s been a whole month. What’s going on?”

B.B’s voice came through the phone loud and clear. It wasn’t the only thing that came over the airwaves. Her concern seeped through just as clearly.

“Aww. Look at the soon-to-be ‘mama’ again showing concern for someone else. I’m touched.”

B.B.’s derisive snort came through the phone just before she verbally squelched any sentimental moment the two of them might have had.

“Woman please! This call is purely for selfish reasons alone.”

Sam covered the smile that was threatening as if she could be seen on her phone. It wasn’t as if they were video chatting.

“Enlighten me.”

A loud sucking noise came through the phone before B.B. began to speak.

“One, you said this thing you were doing wasn’t going to take long. I believe it was said to have a ‘two week minimum’ fact collecting time frame on it. Two, my scheduled check up is in a few days. A certain doctor friend stated they would be around for the procedure which is exactly thirty-six hours after that appointment. Third, you are supposed to be on the committee for this surprise event that Brian’s putting together. It was your idea. I’ve been roped into it as a stand-in and I seriously don’t appreciate it. When are you getting back? Why are you dodging everyone else’s calls, including Trig’s?”

That was the million dollar question and the one she’d been avoiding like a pregnant woman avoids the scale. She just wasn’t ready to give up on her mission. All of the members of her team had told her it was a lost cause, but she couldn’t believe that. The man had been rerouting her and rescheduling their “get togethers” since the moment she touched down in Washington. Sam should take the hint, but she wouldn’t be the woman that he raised her to be if she had.

“I’m not ready to give up on getting him alone in a room, B.B. Everyone else is telling me to let this go or we’ll figure out another way to get the information. I’m actually getting pissed off because I know for a fact that he knows something. It has to be huge too because he’s done everything in his power to make sure he is unavailable. Plus, my being in the area has allowed me to touch bases with some of my old connections who recently had interactions with my brother. I really believe what we thought was going on and Jeremy’s role in it might not be accurate. This isn’t his little sister talking either. This is the investigative individual who wants someone to answer for involving my kid in some fucked up bid for power and money. Plus, I made contact with the guy who was supposed to be my brother’s boss and he told me that Jeremy left his company years ago to become some big wig with one of those lettered outfits.”

“Are you saying that Jeremy may have been working with the CIA or FBI or something?” B.B.’s side of the call went quiet for so long that Sam had to pull the phone from her ear to make sure she hadn’t dropped the call. “I don’t know, Sam. You might be reaching. I’ll ask Eli to check into any connection like that, but we may be digging into an empty ditch here.”

“I know. I’m just trying to make sense of all of this. Hey, do you know if Proph had any findings on Jeremy looking into my ex? One of the females that Jeremy was close with implied that he was trying to find answers on what Paul was doing while I was at the office. I’d assumed the jerk was finding ways to be better at his job since I knew his goal was to work directly with my father. Apparently, I might have been wrong about that, amongst other things.”

“Yeah babe? She wants to know if you have anything that said J. Wilkens might’ve been investigating P. Wilde.” She heard movement before a gruff voice could be heard then B.B.’s rare giggle. “You’re an idiot. If this kid comes out growling, it will be all your fault. You animal. He just handed me a folder.”

“What was that about Proph being an animal?”

B.B. chuckled before responding. “Oh, the only male in the house has decided that he wants to prep the soon-to-be other male in the house for some of his crazy ass antics like the growling he just did. He tends to growl then place kisses over my stomach every time he sees me. I swear this kid attempts to respond every time he does it. His foot or hand gets to moving across my skin and the big goof that my husband is just beams with some moronic pride.” Sam heard him yell something but couldn’t quite make it out. “It is too moronic. I will not have this house turned into a three-ring circus. Oh shit. I sounded just like my father just then. You see what you did!”

Sam was outright laughing by the time B.B. yelled the last statement.

“Okay. What’s in the folder?”

“There may be something to your theory. There are notes here. I don’t know if they’re official or not, but someone was trying to figure out what your ex was doing during his down time. Do you want me to share this with the team while you try again to reach your father?”

“If you don’t mind, I’d be ever so grateful. I promise this is my last attempt. I’ll be flying out this evening. I think Ming is over the whole hotel experience. Plus, I believe we’re both missing a certain sharp shooter something fierce.”

“He misses you guys, too. He’s grumpier than normal when you aren’t around. I’ll bring the team up to speed and see you tomorrow. The line will revert back to unsecure as soon as we hang up. Be safe.”

“You too. I’ll brief you guys when I’m back in the state. Have Proph kiss the belly for me, will you?”

“Yeah, I think he’s got that covered already. Get away. Damn. I can’t get anything done if you’re attached to me and don’t even attempt to make that dirty.”

B.B. laughed and forced a bye into the receiver before the line went dead. If Sam knew Proph, he was probably torturing her by tickling her. What she wouldn’t do was think about what he was tickling to get her to elicit the sound that she’d made before their call ended.

Taking a deep breath, Sam picked up the phone again and dialed the number she knew by heart.

“General Wilkens office, Leslie speaking, how may I assist you?”

“Hey Leslie, this is Samantha Wil …”

“Oh, hi Sam. I was just getting ready to give you a call. Are you and Ming Nai available for lunch this afternoon? Your father has a two-hour opening and is looking forward to seeing you. He wants to send a car to pick you up. He also told me to make sure it’s set for your favorite place to make up for the fact that he hasn’t been available this month.”

Sam looked at the phone then back out the window she’d been periodically peering out of. That was a welcome change. In fact, it had been the welcome she’d been initially expecting when she’d shown up four weeks ago.

“Good. Sounds good to me. He wouldn’t happen to be available right now, would he?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Wilkens, he’s not. He’s walking into a meeting right now.”

“Figures,” Sam mumbled to herself. “What time should we expect the car?”

“12:15. Oh, should I have given that to you in military time? Your father has been working on making sure everyone around here understands both.”

Sam smiled as she responded. “No, Leslie, it’s not necessary. I understand both, so we’re good. Thank you. Have a nice day.”

They said their goodbyes and Sam began getting her and Ming set to meet with her father in the few hours they had before the two would be picked up. This time Sam wasn’t going to tell Ming Nai that they were going to see her grandfather. The last thing she wanted to do was deal with an upset little girl as they traveled back home if her father disappointed them again.

* * *

A few hours later and Sam was getting more pissed off by the second. Every attempt to garner her father’s attention long enough to focus on one of her questions was thwarted.

Sam had forgotten that her father had been too busy with everything Paul and possibly Jeremy that he hadn’t had an opportunity to see his granddaughter since they rescued her. A light bulb flashed on as she sat watching the two of them interact.

“The only reason you agreed to meet with me is due to the fact that you found out I wasn’t alone, isn’t it?”

Her father gave her a look that told her he wasn’t going to spend his lunch answering a bunch of different probing questions from his daughter.

“Jiiji, are we going to see your office before mama and me have to leave today?”

Jiiji is short for ojiisan and baaba is short for obaasan. The terms mean grandfather and grandmother in turn. Those are the Japanese terms that Ming Nai latched on to when Sam’s mother began teacher her little girl the language. Ming Nai has so much of her grandmother in her and takes after the woman that Sam couldn’t help but name her daughter something with an Asian flare. Trying to please both aspects of the family proved to be difficult. Her mother finally relented that she would give in on the name if she was allowed to teach her granddaughter about Japanese customs and the language. Paul hadn’t cared about that part because his parents had cared about the naming of the child. The education of said child was given solely to the parental unit.

Sam watched as her father smiled down at Ming Nai and found herself feeling a little jealous of her daughter. There was a time when she received those looks of adoration from her father. Over the last few months all Sam had received from her father was the cold shoulder and glares of disgust or guilt. Sometimes, she couldn’t determine the difference.

“Do you want to, Little Bug? When are you getting on that big plane to go back home, so I know when we can go see my office?”

Sam knew what her father was doing. He was trying to deduce how long she’d be around to bother him. His salt and pepper hair looked like more gray had appeared in it since the last time she’d seen him a week or two ago.

“Tonight. Right mama?”

“Yes, little beauty, we are. Dad?”

With an exasperated sigh, he looked at her and said, “What you’re inquiring about I have no knowledge to share. This may be something you should probably let go of. Besides, I didn’t encourage this team to come together to investigate this matter. The crew was set in motion for a retrieval mission. You gathered, you concurred, you obtained, and now you should move on.”

Sam blinked at the vehemence of her father’s tone. She decided to match his with one of her own, but added a sugary sweetness to it so Ming wouldn’t catch on.

“The team wasn’t put together for a one-off either. You don’t put that kind of group together and expect them not to have a desire to do more, be more. The intimate nature of this mission condones every action the team has taken. I wish the same could be said for others.”

“If you knew, you might change how you feel about the entire thing.”

What was that supposed to mean?

Her father shut down after that. They communicated with Ming Nai but not with one another. It remained that way for the duration of their visit. Their hug was purely for the benefit of putting on a show for Ming. Nothing had been resolved save for the fact that her father didn’t want her investigating the issue. Later that evening, they said their goodbyes. She and Ming Nai grabbed their belongings from the hotel, checked out, made their way to the airport, then their flight.

They were homeward bound and Sam couldn’t help but be thrilled about it. She missed her friends and the family unit they’d created within the crew. Guess there was truth to that saying, “Family isn’t defined by the blood in your veins, but by those that are there for you when you need them the most.”

Her bloodline kind of sucked right now, so she was living proof of that quote.



Five hot and steamy romances.

Ten lives changed

One book that will tug at your heartstrings and kick the temperature up ten notches. Get ready!

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The Norton Sisters Renewed *****Cover Reveal*****

Chyra final ebook cover

****^*AVAILABLE NOW******

In ebook and paperback (B&N, Amazon, Pre-order &

Chyra, Book 4 (The Norton Sisters Series)

Chyra’s secret is revealed in book 3.5.  The family has learned about little Zachariah and have given her all kinds of hell about it.  They don’t know that’s not the only secret she has.  Just wait until they learn the rest of her secrets.

Isaac has been nice enough to stay away from his wife while she sorts out her life.  Finally, fed up and having had enough, he pays a surprise visit to Tempa.

What he finds may just be more than he bargained for when he determined/decided to take the youngest Norton sister as his wife?

Add to the mix, the father of her newly revealed son and you have a trifecta that is sure to rock the worlds of every member of the Norton family whether they be related by blood or by marriage.  Sometimes hiding isn’t the best remedy.  Chyra may just wish that she didn’t return once all comes out.

The Norton Sisters Series is a series about six sisters that share the same last name, but are six entirely different women. The sisters by age ranking: Zoie, Wynter, Rayna, Nyema, Lynnia and Chyra are there for each other, always. They follow their own little “Norton Code”: “In the end, family means everything and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”

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Books 1-4

By the end of the month all of the sisters covers will be updated to reflect the beauties showcased above and below!! Yay for me!


Rayna 1 - Final cover

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Zoie Cover ebook cover

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Nyema book 3 ebook cover Final

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(New Release) Hermes’ Boundary by Ellie Keys {Giveaway Included)


IT’S HERE!!  After having to push the release date a few weeks, it’s finally here and ready for reader consumption!  Hermes’ Boundary is AVAILABLE NOW!  The second installment of the Touched by a god Series is available in ebook format.  Pick up your copy today, just follow the links below.

Title: Hermes’ Boundary
Series: Touched by a god, Book 2
Author: Ellie Keys
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mythological
Publisher: Life In “E” motion
Hermes stood in the corner and waited while
the mortal woman talked to the mortal child.
He’d never been one to have a desire to be close to anyone in that age
range, especially not a little female.
He hadn’t had to deal with one since he was one himself.  The mortal they called Qui (spoken kwee) was
the one talking to the little one named Renneé.
They sometimes referred to her as R.J. Why he didn’t understand.  They were discussing some project the little
one was worried about.  The woman, he
guessed he should start using her name since his uncle had him spending time
with her, was trying her best to remain calm despite the fact the little one, Rennée, was obviously distraught.  The woman was named Ty’Quishia Johnson, which
was a surprise because he hadn’t ever heard of a mortal with her skin pigment
ever being given a name so unique.   Once
one met the woman, then they would realize that she needed to have a name that 
separated her from all the others in the world.
She is as unconventional as they come.
Qui’s hair was changed with some chemical the
mortals use to change their hair from time to time.  Was it called hair dye?  Yes, that’s what it was called.  Her hair was now a fiery red tone that was
close to Scarlett’s hair color.  Her
normally brown with almost amber tones hair color could not be seen with the
flame like color she had on her head now.
Hermes felt like those colors in a mortal’s hair was like them putting
on one of those wigs or falls that he heard so many of his models talking
about.  Her slight frame showcased decent
curves.  She had barely a mortal male’s
handful of boobs in the red shirt that had one of those built in bras.  Her signature bracelet sized earrings were in
her ears and so was the link necklace she was known to wear daily.  He remembered them being referred to as
hoops; the earrings. The costume jewelry had changed from gold to silver, but
it was her “go to” set.  The actual
bracelets she always wore matched her necklace.
Her ass, he could go on for days about the curve
and shape of that ass and how everything she put on made her ass look
delectable enough to bite into. 
Purchase here: 
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 Book 1 is available now as well:
Ellie Keys is an author of mystery and thriller novels. The characters of her stories are loud, exuberant and controlling when it comes to demanding her attention. The personalities that come out on paper give audience members insight into the reason why she is a little off center. She loves writing, reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie. 

Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created. There is a great deal in store for lovers of mystery and thrill seekers. She invites you to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or look her up on her website.

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Queen Mother by E. L. R. Jones (Chapter One)

I have done this for my other books and decided that I would keep with that tradition.  I love sharing my works with all of the readers that give me an opportunity to do so.  Thank you to each person that will take the time to read this.  My next release is coming October 30, 2014 and I cannot wait to see what those that have read the first book in the series think of this next installment.  Queen Mother is available now for pre-order.

 Here is the link:  Amazon

 I am sharing the first chapter of the book just to see what kind of response I get from this.  Also, I am sharing so that you might get an idea of what my writing is like if you’ve never read my work before.

 Here are some teasers for the book:

Chapter One

“Bear down, Milady,” the lady in waiting practically yelled at the royal whose face was tear-streaked and reflected an air of exhaustion.

“No, I cannot. I’m so famished and weary. I ache all over. I don’t have the ability to do this,” the young woman with copper toned eyes and light, sun-kissed skin yelled.

The words were thrust from her on a weakened breath. Her normally curly, almost jet black hair was now spread over her regularly pearl colored pillowcase. The pearl color was now a smoky grey because of the sweat pouring from her forehead.

       “You must! Your young is almost here. You have waited for so long to hold your babe. Milady, please,” the lady pleaded and began to position herself to between the young royal’s legs.

The royal knew she must push forward. She knew that this was her last attempt to give her beautiful Intended his last child. He’d sought to have five. She never understood his need, but she agreed to it. He was so adamant about that number. If she really put thought to it, then she would realize that she already knew why. This child was to be his gift to her not the other way around.

If every child that had inhabited her womb had lived they would have nine no ten babes. It was not to be so. The all knowing mother had not seen that they were fit to bear that many. This was the one that wasn’t supposed to be. No one knew this child would come. Every child before had been spoken of by a soothsayer or dreamwalker. Not one had come and spoken of this one. No one came until it was far too late for any to know what was to come from this one.

The Fated came to them in the night and delivered the horrifying “gift” from the Eldest Soothsayer.

The Fifth child born to the King of the Demoans and the Queen Mother will bring pain and death with his life. In his name, war will wage and peace will be abolished. He will be the harbinger of all that is evil in living by the error of his ways. No good will come of the child that will live as the one that hunts his own.”

When word was received, she’d wept for days. The fear of the words played in her head hourly and were the reason for each horrible sight she saw when she closed her eyes at night. A request was made for further divining or more knowledge to decipher the meaning behind the words. It wasn’t until much later, far too late for anything to be done, that she and her Intended were informed there was a second portion to that message.

The second portion was never given to the queen or her Intended. It crushed her to know that she had more information only after there was nothing in her power to be done about it. The worst part about finding something was intentionally being kept from her was learning the reason that it was done. The Fated feared the words of the first portion of the message far too much to relay the second. The ignorance of youth overrode the wisdom of age. They wanted the child removed from the kingdom as fear overruled their sworn duty. The Fated had sworn a duty to protect the kingdom from such a child. They had many in place to make sure that such a child would never come to be or so they thought. What they hadn’t realized in their youthful exuberance was their actions were what brought about the foreseen actions in their message.

As a result of the steps that they took, she was now dealing with something no person, especially a mother, should ever have to deal with. Her children were her own. They are the sons and daughters of Zephora Carthage-Veering: the Queen, Mother of their race and Foreseer. Yes, she was hated because she was able to change the heart of a Demoan from his evil ways. Doing so had split one of the most evil and deadliest duos to ever be spawned from hell. Devianté, her Intended, and the father of the supposedly cursed child spent many, many days trying to put the broken Queen Mother back together.

Things may have been so different had they only seen the second portion of that message.

Take heed in this message for it is truth. His heart is the key to his destruction. Without the evil that touches it, he will be the greatest warrior and live by his mother’s twice blessed sword.

All was not right in her world and it probably never would be. She hadn’t lost just one child because of those words. She’d lost two. The Fated were cruel, heartless bitches. So many days of wishing and praying for the return of those lost children were thrown back in her face. It wasn’t enough for her to lose them then have them brought back into her life. No, they were brought back with a secret so terrifying that she almost requested someone take her life. It was the worst thing imaginable.

All of her hopes for those boys, her sons, were dragged through the mud, trampled on by horses, then chewed up and spit out. They weren’t those beautiful, innocent little babes that she’d for mere moments at her bosom. They weren’t the kindhearted little ones that she’d always thought they’d be, expected them to be. It was part of their family’s nature, their lineage, to be kind and nurturing. Her boys were men. They were men that were hardened by a life of anger, hostility and a childhood without love. How could they be anything less than that growing up with a Demoan that knew not what it meant to truly be loved and cared for? She wouldn’t expect them to be gentle men. She couldn’t. Yet, she’d still hoped. When she heard of their depravity and who that youngest child had become, her heart instantly chilled.

Only a mother that has heard of a child doing something that goes against everything that they taught their child would understand what she felt. Only a parent that learned of a child committing a crime so heinous no other could hear of it without cringing could know the depth of her sadness. Her anger knew no boundaries. It seeped into her veins and screamed for release. Every person that was within her kingdom tried to look at her with sympathy, but so many had been lost that the attempt was lost in their reflected heartache.

Zephora couldn’t take it. So, she left. She took her leave of her kingdom that had been her safety net and sanctuary for as long as she’d been alive. Even in her greatest moment of pain, her kingdom and the Foresayer L’ahelle had been her home. There she’d always found peace. She couldn’t find it. So, she went to the second place that afforded her the opportunity to let down her guard. Her arrival at the first space that she ever shared with Devianté had her trembling. She hadn’t been there since she and Devi lived there with the children so many centuries before.

Looking upon the gates with the Veering crest brought tears to her eyes. The “v” that spread to take on the shape of dark wings was one she knew as well as her name. It was etched into Devi’s skin. The marking of one wing started at the top of his left pectoral and spanned the length of his torso. It dipped around his side and the other wing spread out across his hip then lower back. The dip of his “v” cut across part of his abs. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen and couldn’t help, but learn every dip, turn and section of the marking with her tongue whenever she had the opportunity.

Smiling to herself, she turned slightly and nodded her head. He was there. He was always there. Devi thought that he was hiding himself when he silently followed her in the shadows, but she knew. She always knew. Her heart told her when he was near. Knowing that he was with her, watching out for her, allowed her to be brave when she needed to be.

“Devi, I need you here with me. As much as I feel this is my own to bear, I cannot be in this place alone. Plea…,” she began, but stopped when he stood before her.

“You know you only have, but to ask. I should have known that you knew I followed you. I haven’t really been able to hide much of anything from you in all of our years together,” he stopped and looked around the area where they stood. “I cannot believe it has been as long as it has been since we were away from this place. It seems like yesterday that we were putting things together to make it our own. The staff has done well in keeping up the grounds, don’t you think?”

Zephora tore her gaze away from her husband’s six and a half foot, hard body that was barely hidden in the dark jeans and blue sweater that he wore. Anytime he was in that color, she thought of the deep blue eyes that called to her every time that he looked at her.

“Evo, your thoughts have turned to things that will get you taken where you stand if you are not careful. You came here for other things, I believe. If I am going to be a distraction, then I will return to our home. Even if looking into those beautiful brown eyes that darken with your desire make even speaking those words the hardest thing I had to do right now,” he said as he glanced over his shoulder.

She’d heard it to. There was a whisper on the winds and she knew they wouldn’t be alone long. Her mother would be joining them soon. Oh well. So much for that little thought. It would be a while before her mother would arrive. She would make the most of the time that she would have alone with her husband.

Her gaze moved to the home that stood before her. The grandeur of the estate had never been lost on her. It was an amazing place. The palatial home was one that she didn’t think she’d ever get used to when she’d first arrived. Sure, the home she lived in with her mother was more of a castle than home, but she’d known every nook and cranny of it.

To be honest, she’d thought that Demoans lived in a hovel or cave. She hadn’t expected to find such a wondrous place. It had been cloaked in a protective spell the first time she’d arrived. Devianté showed his first signs of not being the typical demonic killer when he’d brought her to this place. The house looked like it was owned by a Lord from the Victorian Era. The tower that set off to the right if you were facing the home was one of her favorite places to be. The grey toned shingles, pillar like columns, grand windows and staircases and porch that ran the width of the front of the house made her love the house, instantly.

Devi had the house modernized as time went on, but he never changed those things. He knew how important those things were for her. The five bedrooms and two bath home had been theirs. It had been there’s and held so many memories. It was also the place where she’d thought she’d lost herself forever.

The cover:

The first book in the series is Night Hunter.  It is available now for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Newest release from author E.L.R. Jones…IT’S LIVE!! WOOHOO!

In her own words:

Hello All,

Thank you so much for following me and keeping up with all of the crazy that I am and can be.  I am so excited to bring you the next installment in the Norton Sisters series.  I love these ladies and I am so genuinely grateful to be able to share their stories with you.  Zoie’s story proved to be a bit of a chore to get onto the page.  There were moments when I thought to just scrap the whole thing.  In the end, I am so pleased with what is the final product.  I hope that you enjoy the work as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  Here are a couple teasers.

Teaser # 1 (Release date: May 31st)

Zoie's Promo Teaser

 Teaser #2

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Please take a moment and check out this new release.  You won’t be disappointed.

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