(New Release) Hermes’ Boundary by Ellie Keys {Giveaway Included)


IT’S HERE!!  After having to push the release date a few weeks, it’s finally here and ready for reader consumption!  Hermes’ Boundary is AVAILABLE NOW!  The second installment of the Touched by a god Series is available in ebook format.  Pick up your copy today, just follow the links below.

Title: Hermes’ Boundary
Series: Touched by a god, Book 2
Author: Ellie Keys
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mythological
Publisher: Life In “E” motion
Hermes stood in the corner and waited while
the mortal woman talked to the mortal child.
He’d never been one to have a desire to be close to anyone in that age
range, especially not a little female.
He hadn’t had to deal with one since he was one himself.  The mortal they called Qui (spoken kwee) was
the one talking to the little one named Renneé.
They sometimes referred to her as R.J. Why he didn’t understand.  They were discussing some project the little
one was worried about.  The woman, he
guessed he should start using her name since his uncle had him spending time
with her, was trying her best to remain calm despite the fact the little one, Rennée, was obviously distraught.  The woman was named Ty’Quishia Johnson, which
was a surprise because he hadn’t ever heard of a mortal with her skin pigment
ever being given a name so unique.   Once
one met the woman, then they would realize that she needed to have a name that 
separated her from all the others in the world.
She is as unconventional as they come.
Qui’s hair was changed with some chemical the
mortals use to change their hair from time to time.  Was it called hair dye?  Yes, that’s what it was called.  Her hair was now a fiery red tone that was
close to Scarlett’s hair color.  Her
normally brown with almost amber tones hair color could not be seen with the
flame like color she had on her head now.
Hermes felt like those colors in a mortal’s hair was like them putting
on one of those wigs or falls that he heard so many of his models talking
about.  Her slight frame showcased decent
curves.  She had barely a mortal male’s
handful of boobs in the red shirt that had one of those built in bras.  Her signature bracelet sized earrings were in
her ears and so was the link necklace she was known to wear daily.  He remembered them being referred to as
hoops; the earrings. The costume jewelry had changed from gold to silver, but
it was her “go to” set.  The actual
bracelets she always wore matched her necklace.
Her ass, he could go on for days about the curve
and shape of that ass and how everything she put on made her ass look
delectable enough to bite into. 
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 Book 1 is available now as well:
Ellie Keys is an author of mystery and thriller novels. The characters of her stories are loud, exuberant and controlling when it comes to demanding her attention. The personalities that come out on paper give audience members insight into the reason why she is a little off center. She loves writing, reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie. 

Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created. There is a great deal in store for lovers of mystery and thrill seekers. She invites you to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or look her up on her website.

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