The Boy with Words (The Boy with Words #1 & 2) – Review

the boy with wordsTitle: The Boy with Words

Series: The Boy with Words

Series Number: #1 & 2

Genre: NA Sci-Fi Romance

Author: C.E. Wilson

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publication Date: April 23, 2016

Format: Ebook

Pages: 460

Rating: 4

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

4 Star

Blurb From Goodreads:

White Frost has only ever known the darkness. Everything outside of her closed society is The Unknown – a strange and dangerous place accessible to only a chosen few. White’s only glimpse of the world beyond comes from her beloved cousin in the form of mysterious collections of words that hint at astonishing wonders. When an accident upends her simple existence, she’s given an unlikely chance to see the truth for herself. What she finds is greater and more terrible than she could have imagined, and before long she is forced to make the most important choice of her life: does she accept her safe, limited world that she’s known or take a desperate gamble in a world not meant for her with the Boy with Words?


My Review:

Needless to say the blurb does not do the book justice. I was pleasantly surprised by this story. When I was asked if I would be willing to review this story I immediately went to Goodreads to check out the blurb and cover, but for some reason I did not read any of the reviews. After reading the blurb and seeing the cover I thought “this sounds interesting enough”. I’ll admit that I somewhat put off reading it because I had other books that seemed more interesting, but I couldn’t put if off any longer so I dove in. I’m not really sure how much I should share about the story, just because the author obviously left things out of the blurb for a reason. Although, I have now read some of the other reviews and they have explained more so I guess I will too.

This story is about a love that does not fit into anything normal by anyone’s standards. It’s a love that transcends size and social norms. It’s a beautiful love story between someone that is 6 inches tall and someone that is 6 feet tall. The trust that grows and the willingness to let go when necessary just to come back together again. Absolutely beautiful!

The only problem that I really had was the words, haiku’s written on paper in the normal sized (our size) world somehow being small enough to for a 6 inch person to have many of them covering her ceiling. Or a 6 inch person writing one and it being easily read by someone much bigger. This baffled me, I think if it wasn’t so important to the story I could get past it but it’s such a big (ha ha) part of the story that it bugged me. I couldn’t let the question go, “how can this work?”. Every time I talked to my hubby, who doesn’t read a lot of fiction so I can give him spoilers, I was stuck on this issue. It just didn’t make sense. Everything else in the story was awesome, I loved how I was surprised, it was like getting a present. You have some idea of what you’re getting by the size/shape/weight but you still don’t know what it is exactly until you open it. You might know it’s a book but until you unwrap it you don’t know what book it is. I wanted to give this 5 stars but the words on paper not making sense due to size is somewhat important due to the title of the book. I hope you still decide to pick up the story and enjoy it as much as I did.



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