#EllieKeys April Fools Blog Hop & Giveaway


I am part of an amazing Blog hop. Start here at this link: Ellie Key’s page

Be sure to stop in at this page for the grand prize : Alpha Book Club


Also books available for pre-order: 

Book One: 

The first amazing anthology that I have coming up is

the Honor Anthology.

The proceeds from this one go to the Honor the Sacrifice charity.
Here’s is the purchase link:
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The Honor Anthology temporary cover

He fisted the top of her jeans. His large hand was able to take entire top half of her jeans along with her thin scrap of panties. When he moved to yank them down, she grabbed hold to his wrist. His eyes were heated emb

Book Two: 

Have you been stripped lately?
This upcoming release will you ready for it with every steamy page.
Available now for pre-order!
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Field Stripped


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