#EllieKeys 31+ Days of Authors (Author Interviews)


I’m an author. I come up with ideas and think on things that can be chalked up to dreams and nothing more. Eleven days ago I came up with a whopper of an idea. I decided I wanted to interview authors who are my friends and some that I don’t usually speak with on a regular basis. The point of the grand scheme was for me to learn some interesting things about authors I admire and have qualities I aspire to have in my life. 

My initial thought was “go big or go home!” I randomized my list. If the author’s name popped into my head, I put them on my list. What I hadn’t expected was the number of people that immediately responded. The other thing I didn’t expect were some of the names that said the magic word: YES! I won’t tell you what names shocked me, I’ll let you figure it out for yourself. 


For the next month or so, I am going to post the responses to the eleven questions that I posed to each author. (five serious and six fun) I’ll share them on all three of my blogs. (one is for my other pen name)  I am also going to post the interview responses in my monthly newsletter. I’m so psyched to share the things they shared with me.


Here’s to making things happen!

Here is how things are lining up. 

    • Taisha Demay
    • Isabelle Peterson
    • Elison Grace
    • Ethan Radcliffe Jr.
    • Misha Elliot
    • Audrey Carlan
    • Alyson Raynes
    • Samantha Chase
    • Amanda Lanclos
    • B. Dunbar
    • Meghan March
    • Nicole Garcia
    • K. Leigh
    • Melanie Harlow
    • Cathy Jackson
    • MNever
    • Taryn Plendl
    • L. Pardington
    • Samantha Jacobey
    • Ashley and Elizabeth
    • Sydney Landon
    • Suza Kates
    • Jennifer Theriot
    • Chelle Bliss
    • Ruth Cardello
    • Erin Quinn
    • Melody Anne
    • Jenna Galicki
    • ???
    • Kristen Proby ???
    • Gena Showalter ???

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