30 days of me – Get to know the author – Seven

Ellie Keysget to know me

Today is Day Seven of my daily posts of something new about me or “Get to know the author”. I was advised of a list that I will possibly deviate from or follow to the letter. I’m a rebel and follow my own course.

Yesterday’s post was about the my life in seven years. I revealed where I want my author career to be in seven years. If you missed it, then feel free to go back and check it out.



The word or phrase you live by?

I have two phrases that I live by.

1) Smile from within, let your soul shine through. 2) Enjoy life to the fullest through a good book.

These are two of the phrases I say all the time.  I had a stamp made for the second one.  It is what I stamp in my signed books.  Typing this up reminds me that I need to get a new stamp made.

The first came to me one day as I was writing a poem that depicted how a mother saw her child.  I have been using it in some fashion every since that day several years ago.  The second came to me a couple years ago as I was coming up with something to use for one of my websites.  I thought it was perfect for all those that share a love for a good book like I do.  I know there are many that will agree that reading takes you to a new place.  There’s so much that can be learned when taking in a good story.  I love the process of reading stories from the creative minds that took the time to put the words on the page.  Creating the worlds that I get to create is just an added bonus.

Day Seven complete!

what-do-you-want dreamstimemedium_19473030-300x300what-do-you-want

Feel free to ask me a question or post a comment. It is truly welcomed! 🙂

about the author

Ellie Keys is an author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and mystery. She spends a great deal of her time lending her unrelenting pen to the voices that have taken over her mind. The characters that readers will find in her works have a demanding nature. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created.

She lives in Georgia with her son. Her loves outside of writing are reading a good book and losing herself in a great movie. Inspiration comes from everything around her. There is a great deal in store for lovers of romance lovers and suspense seekers.

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