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**~ Chapter One ~**

There are those that will tell you that they’ve done some things in their life that have not only been life altering, but have been downright the stupidest thing they have ever done. I am going to let you know right now that I am one of those people. I still cannot believe that this is my life. I really can’t believe that things worked out in the end. I am incredibly fortunate because all things considered things could have truly gone deep into left field. What am I talking about?

My name is Stephanie Daniels and I am an author. I am also hands down one of the biggest idiots known to man. Let me tell you why. About a year and a half ago, I was just beginning to get my fledgling writing career off the ground. I’d decided that I would go to a multi-author book signing to gain some public awareness and possibly notoriety. I also thought it would be a great to do the whole “fan girl” thing without being creepy. I’m from Ohio. To be more exact, I’m from Sandusky, Ohio. I decided to take a risk and invest in myself.

I signed up to be an author signing with about fifty other authors at an event in New York. The April event was perfect timing. It meant that the bulky coats could be exchanged and I would be able to wear cute and comfy clothes. If that wasn’t enough, then the warmer temps meant more opportunity to go out and enjoy the city. I’d had enough of being indoors. I needed a break from the recluse that I’d become. A better trip couldn’t have been planned for me if I had planned it myself. I can’t express just how ecstatic I was to be able to go on my first major trip outside of the state. I was even more excited about visiting New York. I mean, how cool was that?

There was a Facebook group set up for the participating author. I’ve gotten to know some of the authors that were going to be at the event quite well. The countdown to the event would make me want to openly weep. I couldn’t contain the joy I carried around inside. I was nervous beyond words, but that didn’t matter I still couldn’t wait. Some of the names on the graphics that were created to promote the event brought tears to my eyes. I was set to be sharing a space with so many amazing men and women.

As my departure date drew nearer, I found myself repeatedly checking my lists and packages that I’d created. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget one thing. I had my suitcase packed the week prior. I packed and unpacked that thing about four times before I finally felt comfortable enough to say that there was nothing that I’d forgotten. I felt better knowing that the other newer authors were just as off kilter as I felt. I wasn’t alone. I think that is one of the greatest feelings ever. I felt one hundred and ten percent better knowing that I wasn’t alone in the crazy.

Finally, the big day of departure arrived and I nearly left my dang carry on in the chair in my living room. Thankfully, I was travelling with a close friend of mine, Rhonda Baker-Turner. She and I have lived next door to each other for about eight years. I was introduced to her in one of the most unconventional ways. Our bedroom windows are facing one another and only separated by a pale, wooden fence. She and her then boyfriend, now husband, Darius Turner, were engaged in a round of some type of tantric sex session. I heard her screaming his name and him pleading with her to not be so loud or the neighbors would think that he was killing her. I couldn’t hold back the laughter when that caused them to begin to bicker back and forth over whether or not that was the right time to think about the neighbors. I believe the question that was screamed was:

“Do you really think the neighbors would have mistaken my screaming orgasm as a sign that my dumb ass boyfriend is attempting to murder me?”

“I certainly didn’t,” I’d stated out loud and evidently loud enough for her to hear me.

I’d cringed as I actually tossed the cover over my head when I heard complete silence after my idiotic outburst. I’d forgotten for a moment that my window was open as well as theirs. I heard the bed move and not in the way that it had been previously moving. It clearly stated someone was getting out of the bed and moving toward a different area of the room. If I had needed to guess, then I would have stated they’d been moving toward the open window. I would have guessed right. The next time she spoke her voice was a great deal closer than it had been before.

“Hey. Who said that?”

I heard the question, but I didn’t want to answer. I thought about possibly pretending that I didn’t hear her then I thought about trying to close my window. I thought about that too late. Had I been quicker then I would have done so when she’d been making her way to the dang window. Resigned, I climbed out of my bed and moved to the window. A woman with chestnut brown hair kind of matted to her head was peering out the window wearing a pearl color robe with pink roses. At least they’d looked like pink roses from the light that was cast from the moon. Her eyes seem to glow which told me they had to be some shade of green. I stood in my “I love sleep” plush pajama bottoms and a pink tank that matched the hearts in my pants. My size fourteen hips and ass felt comfortable in them, but looking at her “just got laid” look made me feel a little lonely.

I averted my gaze for a moment, took a quick breath and introduced myself.

“Hi. I’m your new neighbor, Stephanie Daniels. I’m not usually one to listen in…on…people, but I had a late night writing session… I, um, I’d just gone to bed before… I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to speak or at least not loud enough for anyone to hear me,” I was finally able to get out.

She just smiled and waved her petite hand dismissively before speaking again, “Please. You’re good. I’m just wanting to know if you thought this one…,” a guy that looked like he had about a foot or so on her short frame joined her at the window.

His face said that he was slightly embarrassed that they’d been caught. Her face seemed to not care at all they’d been heard. In fact, she didn’t seem overly concerned at the predicament we’d found ourselves in, at all. As I looked on, I could see that he was in pretty decent shape. He wasn’t perfectly cut, but it could be seen that he took care of his body. The waves of his sandy blonde hair fell limply over his forehead. His smile revealed a chipped front tooth and dimples. He was kind of cute. Her speaking again had interrupted my attempt at admiring the view in front of me.

“Oh, sorry. Hello there, Stephanie. My name is Rhonda Baker and this here is Darius Turner,” her absentminded introduction had me giggling to myself.

She introduced herself as an afterthought. It had been as if she suddenly remembered that she should’ve done so once he appeared at her side. I had a feeling that his presence definitely had something to do with it. I don’t think she would’ve thought about it until much later in the conversation had he not been there. Rhonda began speaking again.

“Now, back to my question, did you think this one was attempting to murder me or just giving me the most amazing pipe work ever?”

I almost choked on my tongue as I registered what it was that she’d asked me and tried to get my brain to work up a response. I’d never met a woman that was not only so free with herself, but her thoughts and actions, as well. After a few moments, I’d responded. I’d basically repeated what I’d already said. She apologized for being so loud then said that I wouldn’t have to worry about hearing them anymore that night because Darius wouldn’t be feeling the inside of any of her orifices that evening. Looking forlorn and as a puppy dog that had been banned from playing with his favorite chew toy, Darius retreated. Rhonda and I said our goodnights. She shook her head as she followed behind him. I laughed so hard I nearly tripped as I’d walked back to my bed and climbed in.


EK 2015

Ellie Keys is a Mystery/Thriller and Romance author. The more diabolical the read the better. One of her pet peeves is being able to guess the ending before she gets there. She also enjoys reading all things romance, whether it’s paranormal, mythological, mystery or contemporary doesn’t matter. Her favorite things to do are mostly centered around books. Other pastimes are going to the movies, playing around on social media and she’s addicted to word games: Scrabble, Text Twist, Wheel of Fortune. Cookie Jam and Bubble Witch have commandeered her free time lately.

Ellie Keys is from Michigan and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in psychology. This degree allows her acknowledge that she may be a little bit off because of all of the talk about hearing voices that don’t allow her to sleep. The good thing about that is she is in good company. She was happy to learn that she wasn’t alone when she talked to other authors.

If you would like to see where “the voices” take her, then here are the links to follow:

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Other works by the author:


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