The Norton Sisters Series…Latest release!!


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A Secret for Christmas, Book 3.5:

Chyra is the youngest Norton sister and wears that title like a badge of honor. She has returned to her family, but no one has any idea of what she did while she was away from her family for five years. Christmas dinner with the Nortons is going to be very interesting as secrets begin to be revealed. Zach is at the root of her secret and holder of the heart she fears sharing. What is it that is going to outshine the star on top of the tree.

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A Secret for Christmas

Nyema, Book 3:

Nyema is the psychologist and single mother of the family. She’s helped so many deal with their own problems while harboring some of her own. James has been dealt a devastating blow that he never would have expected. Are these two able to get over their individual issues to open their hearts to love one another?

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Nyema book 3 cover

Zoie, Book 2:

Zoie is owner of her own day care center and is the eldest of her siblings. She has always wanted to be a mother. Tired of waiting for the right guy to come along, she’s decided to take matters into her own hands. Victor has been admiring Zoie from afar for a while and has determined that he is finally going to do something about it. Will her desire to have a child destroy her chances at a loving relationship?

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Zoie Cover 2

Rayna, Book 1:

Rayna is a no nonsense lawyer and the one sister that states she has no need of a man beyond the title that she’s given them: “bedwarmers”. She is content with her life. Her sisters are not. Chris meets Rayna and sees a woman that he must have in his life. Will her stubbornness prevent her from opening up to a man willing to love her? Or is there something more preventing her from sharing her heart?

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