Feeling my name!!

Today as I look at the calender and celebrate the fact that I’ve been a published author for one year, I have to say just how much I’m “feeling” my name.  Most people wonder what the E. L. R. Jones means for my author name.  Those are actually my initials and my last name.  Yes, I am one of the fortunate few that have one first name, two middle names and a surname.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve taken to hyphenating my middle name.  Now, I use it as my children’s author name.

I was looking up photos for my post about my one year anniversary and saw something that I shared with one of my street team members that had her name on it.  I couldn’t stop myself.  The curiosity set in and I had to check and see what kind of images were out there with my first name on it.

You see, I have a rather popular first name.  It was the reason that I chose to just use my initials.  Here it is in all of its color and definition.

E Ellen_42520082252_Kanji_Name ellen--633203725891827922 images

I love what my name means! It is the perfect representation of who I am (if I do say so myself).  So, there we have it.  Those were my thoughts for today.  Enjoy your Thursday!

Enjoy life to the fullest through a good book.



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