Why I Love Fridays!

Nothing is better than a Friday. Out of all the days you have to admit it rocks! No work for some for two days, sleeping in on Saturdays, new movies, and ,my favorite, NEW BOOK RELEASES! I am a big fan of Interracial romances but I do enjoy other genres. So today let’s take some time to look at the new release from Shyla Colt. Ms. Colt has been putting out book after book and it is hard to keep up this Summer but it helps that she has book series that help. The book I fell in love with her was ‘Up In Flames.’ This will be my ‘Oldie But Goodie’ for your enjoyment.


The only child of a business mogul, Kirk Watford’s had his life planned for him since birth. After years of playing the field, and partying in college, the time to take his rightful place as heir of Watford Industries is at hand. His plan for one last hurrah goes awry when his plane crashes, and he finds himself stranded with an incredible woman who makes him believe in the impossible. Cut off from the world outside he discovers the man he’s always wanted to be, and what might be true love.
Liandra Powers has been an outcast her entire life. Hearing impaired, she’s grown a thick skin fighting against the ignorance of society. When she loses her hearing aids in the crash she’s forced to lean on the attractive man who makes her long for things she accepted would never happen for her. The beauty of the island and Kirk’s ability to see her and not her differences fill her with hope. Until they’re rescued and the realities of their lives rise up and began to test the foundation they laid.

And it’s on sale for $.99!

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Up-Flames-Shyla-Colt-ebook/dp/B00IZ4VP9S/ref=la_B008EH2LZS_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1406938641&sr=1-9

New Release to her Motorcycle Series, Dueling Devils, is called Payback!


She paid the price for her family’s debt working for the Dueling Devils M.C. Love was never meant to be part of the deal. But somehow, the dark and dangerous club president, Demon stole her heart. Now she’s thrust into hell fire. The Sidewinders’ personal attack on Demon’s family has the M.C. out for blood. As the rough side of Demon’s lifestyle rears its ugly head, she’s tested to her breaking point.

Consumed with keeping his family safe, Demon is determined to put the Sidewinders in the ground. Focused on revenge, he watches the miles between him and Ardy grow. The. M.C. comes first, but he won’t let Ardy walk away now that he’s claimed her. Backed into a corner he does the only thing he knows how to, fight his way out.

Price: $2.99

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Payback-Dueling-Devils-Book-2-ebook/dp/B00M3L5L9Y/ref=la_B008EH2LZS_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1406938558&sr=1-6

Shyla Colt’s books are erotic romances and have HEA endings. She writes everything from Sci-Fi to Purgatory books. I love it!

For a Free Read to introduce you to her writing style, please check out ‘An Irish Wedding.’ It was great and I feel better about going to weddings.


Adopted by close family’s friends when her mother passes in highschool, Aislinn has lusted after her “big brother’ Lachlan her entire life. Unable to deny her feelings any longer she transfers from Boston to Chicago to finish college. When she returns for her sister Katie’s wedding she discovers old habits die-hard.

Tired of dodging the unwanted advances of his soon to be sister-in-law, and her matchmaking parents, Lachlan strikes a deal with Aislinn. They’ll pretend to be a couple to keep Abby and Aislinn’s ex boyfriend, Sean at bay. What starts off as the perfect plan to keep unwanted suitors at bay for them both backfires when emotions and desires become involved. His libido goes haywire as he begins to notice what was always in front of him

Price: Free!

Read it here: http://www.shylacolt.com/books/free-reads/free-read-irish-wedding/

Let me know your favorite Shyla Colt book! I love them all! Contact her and let her know at http://www.shylacolt.com/

Happy Reading!


The “E”motioned News Team



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