Author Spotlight…this month’s News (April Beauty): Author Ruth Cardello


Spotlight Author:
Author Ruth Cardello

Recent release:
Come Away With Me
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To this writer, one of the greatest things about an author is their capacity to love and give.  Author Ruth Cardello is an author that is an inspiration to other authors because of her capacity to give and be willing to assist other authors.  No matter how many times she’s asked or how busy she gets, she is always there to be of assistance to others.  This beautiful woman has a heart of gold.  The excitement that was felt when she agreed to be the spotlight author could not be contained.  I look forward to many more days of supporting one another.  Congrats on signing with a publishing company.  You deserve it!
A little more about Ruth:
This author’s inspiration “comes from people I know. It also comes from people I admire. I love strong women and I love to include their stories in my romances. Bedding the Billionaire featured a real artist who I met online. Saving the Sheikh featured a woman I admired for the volunteer work she did internationally. Alethea’s character is based on a local woman who gets involved in the local politics where I live and fights for local education. She’s not everyone’s favorite person, especially when she speaks out in public, but I admire that she always stands up for what she thinks is right.”
What author would you most like to work with?
This used to be an easier question. Now, there are so many authors I would love to work with. I have put out compilations with several authors, but I don’t think I could write a book with anyone. Maybe my niece, Danielle Stewart. (I didn’t know this.  Learn something new every day.) I am far too deep in my own head when I write to be able to write a book with someone.
Of your works, is there any one that is a favorite or close to your heart?
My first book, Maid for the Billionaire, will probably always be my favorite. It started my career. There are things I would go back and change about it if I were to write it again. Maybe I will someday. There are scenes that I have in my head that never made it to paper.  I wrote that book imagining my perfect fantasy boyfriend so Dominic will always be one of my favorites.
      Is there a character that was hard for you to write or develop?
I was very careful with how I developed Alethea. Many characters change as they go through their story, but what I really wanted for Alethea was that she found a way to be loved for who she is. To really change her, would have diminished what made her so beautiful. I wanted to show the good and bad in her. I also wanted to show how her strength sometimes brought out the insecurities of the women around her. My characters become real in my head, so I don’t mind that they have flaws. No one is perfect. I wanted to leave readers understanding both sides without using one.
What’s next for you? What can readers expect?
I am having so much fun with my two new series. At the end of March, the first book in the Andrade series will be released: Come Away with Me. I wrote the book so new readers could pick it up without having read my Legacy Collection and still enjoy it. But I included enough so those who know the characters in the Legacy Collection will get the private jokes. I am also working on the second book of my cowboy series. I couldn’t tell you which series I’m more excited about–I’m enjoying both so much.

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Advice to a Newcomer/New Author from the Author:
Don’t forget that your best promotion is that next book that you’re writing.  You worked hard to gain your readers base, to keep them you have to put out new works on a regular basis.  Keep learning.  Keep writing.  Keep reaching.
Gio Andrade: 
Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia.
Julia Bennett:
Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent.
Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder.
He can’t get her out of his head. She can’t find the strength to deny him.
Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever?


~The “E” motioned News Team

P.S. Here is the excerpt:

Come Away With Me
There are reasons why this man is off limits.
Good reasons.
I can’t think of any right this minute, but they will come to me.

The room around them disappeared. Everything beyond him faded into the background—insignificant when compared to how he made her feel. Is this the zing people speak of?
“Did you make your date last night, Miss Bennett?” he asked.
Julia swallowed nervously. “It wasn’t a date. Well, it shouldn’t have been a date. It was supposed to be a business opportunity, but . . .” She let her words trail off as she realized she was rambling. She cleared her throat. “Yes, I made it there on time.”
“I’m relieved to hear it. I’d hate to think that your job here impeded your social time.”
“It doesn’t,” she said quickly before she realized he was being sarcastic. Since she’d only worked for her parents, Julia wasn’t used to having a boss. She didn’t hide her irritation with him. “I was scheduled to leave early.”
He studied her for a moment, then said, “You didn’t recognize the CEO of the company you work security for. And then you attacked me.” He touched his bruised temple. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you.”
His brusque tone increased Julia’s nervousness. She reminded herself what his secretary had said: He’s all growl and no bite. I wonder if he’s the same in bed, because that would be a shame. A nip from him might be nice. She bit her lip and chastised herself. Stop that. This is serious. In desperation, she said the first repeatable thing that came into her head. “Because I’ve proven that I’m serious about defending your office?”
He frowned. “Do you find this situation amusing, Miss Bennett?”
No, just my reaction to you. Julia lowered her eyes and remembered how he’d looked in his workout clothes. She’d thought he looked sexy in those, but he also looked amazing in a suit. I bet he’s one of those lucky few people who also look good naked. Not everyone can pull that off, but I bet he does. “No, Mr. Andrade.”
“Do you believe that you’re suited for your job?”
Julia look up and met his eyes. “It’s not hard. It’s just watching the monitors. Nothing happens at night so it gives me plenty of time to read.”
He cocked his head to one side and narrowed his eyes. “While you’re working?”
She played her comment back in her head and groaned. “That didn’t come out right. Of course I don’t read in the surveillance room. If I did, I wouldn’t be watching the monitors, would I? And I watch them. Very closely. All night.” She rounded her eyes innocently for emphasis.
He leaned in and looked as if he was about to say something, then changed his mind. “That’s all, Miss Bennett.”
Unsure of what that meant, Julia didn’t move. “I’m sorry?”
“You can go now.”
She turned to leave, then turned back and asked, “Do I still work here?”
He covered his eyes with one hand and rubbed them as if her question caused him pain. “Yes.”
Not giving him time to change his mind, Julia fled from his office. As she rushed by Rena’s desk, the secretary asked, “So, how did it go?”


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