A newer book of a greater caliber…


Hades Mistress has undergone a major review and is now being released again under Tattered Press Publishing company. It is my hope that you will enjoy this work even more or will enjoy it as much as I did.  Scarlett and Hades story is a great read and the hotness of the scenes make an open flame feel like a cup of iced tea.

Enjoy the following teasers and excerpt:


Scarlett Rose Grace (Rouge):

Scarlett has had the same dream, during the same month for 7 years. The year of her 30th birthday the dream became a nightmare. What do you do when your dream becomes reality? What if your dream guy was the god, Hades, Lord of the Underworld? Nothing good could come of this. Or could it?

Hades, Greek god:

Hades aka Aides aka Lord of the Underworld. These were just a few of the names that he was known to go by. Names he hadn’t minded having until her. The year he found (actually his minions did) his Rouge that changed. He changed. Will he be willing to be the man that she wants?   The clock is ticking for him. He needs to convince her to choose to stay with him. If he can’t, the thing he always wanted will be lost forever.


Scarlett locked her legs and thought about her father. Yep, that would be enough to keep her thoughts away from the pleasure that radiated through to her core as his lips trailed to the one region she wanted him. She could feel his breath on her there. Yes, that was where she needed…what…tHE…FUC…

“Stand,” he’d commanded.

“No!” she’d practically whined.

“Stand,” he’d commanded again, completely dismissing her whiney tone.

“I said ‘no’ and the answer hasn’t changed,” she’d responded.

“Rouge,” he growled in a menacing tone.

A chill ran over her body. Why she took pleasure in that tone was anybody’s guess, but she did. It made her feel safe to know that someone so powerful was awaiting her compliance. She knew she should go ahead and relent but she couldn’t help but stir the already overflowing pot.


A Forbidden but Epic Love.

Scarlett Rose has had the same recurring, horrific nightmare for the last seven years. In these dreams she is literally pulled into Hell itself and bedded by a GOD, Hades. She remains one night in her time, but months in his. On the night of her 30th birthday she returns to her bed but discovers that she is pregnant. She is floored when she finds out that all of those steamy but hated dreams were, in fact, reality. Fate has decided to send her on a journey and she has to beat the ticking of a clock that only she can hear. Hades reasoning for calling his bearer to him is not only to have her bare his spawn but he secretly desires a companion, his Rouge. He holds the secret of his cravings for this one woman close and must not let his true feelings show or all hell will erupt into chaos. But once he knows that she is carrying his child, he will stop at nothing to have her, and her heart, at his side for all eternity. The clock is ticking and they both have crucial decision to make.

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