Author Takeover…..Author Melinda Sutherland

The author in her own words:

Hello let me introduce my self my name is Melinda. I’m a newbie… A nobody in the scheme of things but I’m cool with that. I’ll tell ya honestly I have the worst sense of grammar and punctuation out there, but I love to write anyway.
I live in a small town North of Boston. There I live with my loving and supportive husband and my two young boys. I find my inspiration in other authors, music, my amazing family, and friends. I really enjoy reading, writing, blogging, taking pictures, massages, coffee, anything chocolate, and beer & wine.

My first book is called Never Say Never. I self published this book on March 21, 2013. Very soon after hitting that publish button on Amazon I came to realize that my book needed a little more editing and needed to be revised a bit. So after some serious consideration I decided to take the book down and do what needed to be done to it. It took a bit longer than I would have liked but some things got in the way…..well that’s life for ya! I worked full force on it when I could. Then I found a great editor and put it back up available for purchase at the end of July 2013. Yay!

I am currently working on 2 books. Part 2 of Never Say Never which a lot of people who have read book 1 will be happy about. I am also working on another book that is a stand alone contemporary romance. So keep your eye out cause there is more to come from me.

Please feel free to stop by the page! The author will be there sharing their latest work and available for questions.  There may even be prizes to come.  Spotlight shines at 8pm EST.

~The “E” motioned News Team

P.S. Here is the author’s Facebook like page!!

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