Author Takeover……………………Mitchel Grace

Introducing Author Mitchel Grace!

The author in his own words:

My name is Mitchel Grace, and I am the author of the “Wrong” series and the “Strange Visions” series. I’m very passionate about writing. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been deeply in love with creating new worlds to escape into. I’ve never bought into putting what I do in one genre or making stereotypical characters. Recently I was asked what genre my books were in and to tell someone what my characters were like. That’s a hard thing to answer because when I write a story, I never care about what genre it may fall into or what people may think a certain character should be like. I care about telling stories and creating characters that are as complex as people are in real life. I love to tell stories that involve all of the joy and pain that we all go through in life. Sure, I write fiction, so a lot of it is unbelievable, but that’s not the point. I want my characters to have a life outside of whatever they do for a living, and I want their love life to be as big of a part of their story as it is for us. I also want them to doubt what they’re doing at times. I’ve never liked characters that were completely stoic all the time. I like characters who can love, fear, and overcome all in the same storyline.
When I’m not writing books, you can find me doing all sorts of things. I love music and movies, and I take any chance I can get to travel and expand my own little world.

Here is his Amazon author link:

He will be stopping by the page and letting us in on his latest work.  Stop by and see what he has to say: From 2-4 CST, he will be stopping in.

~The “E” motioned News Team


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