Author Takeovers


Support and Promotion:

Author Takeovers allow the Author to promote themselves and their work.  You, the Author, have an allotted amount of time where you will take the page over in it’s entirety with the hopes of gaining new fans and supporters.

What happens?

  • You complete the form
  • A representative from the page contacts you to fine tune your day and time slot
  • A countdown begins until your day comes
  • The day of an introduction is completed
  • The blog page posts a blurb with details about you and your latest work (please make known to the representative)
  • Coordinated blurbs with other blogs are posted on the same day as well

What you are allowed to do on the page:

  • Change the cover art and photo
  • Post link pages (like page, amazon, twitter, goodreads, etc.)
  • Post games and giveaways


Here is the form to sign up if you are interested!!

~The “E” motioned News Team


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