The Hows and Whys don’t matter…Happy Holidays


In the past few months, I have embarked on a journey of truth and happiness.  That is, I began taking the steps necessary to move away from the living just to be living into living to say that I’m ALIVE!  Call it what you want, but there are those who just don’t fit into the “norm.”  I have never been one that could be summed up in just one word.  The person you think you know is only one side of the multifaceted being that I am.  Yes, I am an Indie Author, but that only makes up a portion of who I am. 

I didn’t see myself being a blogger and yet, here I sit, typing away and enjoying it.  Whether this reaches 1 or 40 or thousands, it doesn’t matter to me.  What I do, I do for the pleasure of being able to do it.  My books, my newsletter, my blog are all things that as a writer, I enjoy doing. I have stopped asking the question of “how did this come to be what I am doing” or “why am I not doing something with the thing that I am most passionate about.”  I started thinking of ways I could take my passion and begin to make it work for me. 

When I started on this venture, I didn’t come into it with any expectations.  The only thing that I knew: I have a son that has watched me live my life and make ends meet, but he hasn’t seen me enjoying what I do.  When I was younger, I didn’t dream of doing the job that would “pay the bills.”  I always dreamed of doing the job that I enjoyed the most.  Back then, I thought I was going to be a nurse then a songwriter. 

I’ve said all of this to say that I wake up every day knowing that I get to spend the day doing something at that I enjoy.  I am living my life for the first time and loving it.  The end result is that I look forward to every morning.  I have a network of friends that support me and encourage me to keep going.  I have found a new center of self that makes my light shine a little bit brighter. 

Have you found that thing that makes you beam with pride that you have accomplished it?  What is it?

If not, the goal (not resolution) for your 2014 should be to find what is that will make your light shine brighter.

~ E.



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