Fine wine…I’m better and I love it!


     I was having a discussion with another woman that is 30+ years of age just as I am.  We were talking about being mature enough to realize that we are both comfortable in the skin we are in.  How many can honestly say that about themselves? How many are truly happy with who and what they are?  Now, in no way should you take this as a statement that I believe that I, at 36 years of age, am perfect.  Oh baby, no!

     I am just in a place in my life where I am accepting of the me that I am.  I am an African American woman who shops in the plus size section of the store.  I am a single mother, self-published Author, a blogger and I just recently started a newsletter that quite a few praised me on.  I have always had the backside/butt/junk in the trunk that “won’t quit” or “you can sit a tray on that and eat off it” that determined how I shopped for jeans, skirts and pants.  Now, I have to dress “the girls” as well. (snickers) Yet, I have accepted the changes in my body, the flaws that others may not overlook.  I am happy.  

    That saying, “I’m just like fine wine, I get better with age” does apply.  With age, I have grown to enjoy the woman that I am.  I determined a long time ago that I would never be the one to live a life of regrets and “what ifs.”  If a “what if” came to the forefront, then I made the choice to go after it.  I look back on my years and say I accept that I had to go through it because I am all the better for it.  I can stand on my own two feet and say I am here and loving every moment of it.  There were moments that I didn’t believe that I would make it.  There are times when I felt like it was time to just give up and let go, but I persevered.  I overcame the hardships that life thrust me into. 

     “All my life, I had to fight.” The story of my life is not one that is filled with beauty and joy always but those quiet moments, those breaths in between have been a precious commodity.  I know that I’m not alone in having to overcome a life filled with heartache, disappointment, frustration, abandonment, physical and/or mental abuse.  I survived it.  I am thriving because of it.  My faith is stronger as I walk in the truth of it.  I wrote a poem entitled: That I Am and here are the first few lines of it:

To know me
Is to know the woman that I have chosen to be
To love me
Is to love the caring, kindhearted person you see
To befriend me
Is to be the shoulder in the midst of the pain
To defend me
Is to also be that person that shelters again and again

Yes, I am like a fine wine, but what is great about me is that I am better! ~ E.

For your consideration:

The Craft Society of Divination: {Book 1 Mama Katerina}

Have you ever had a secret that you held to yourself and knew if it was found out it would change your family’s life?  Not for the better. 

Katerina E. Deshion has one such secret.  As the Leader of the Society of Divination and their covens, Chosen One, she bears a great weight on her shoulders.  One moment of surrender, a moment to allow herself to life, has resulted in cataclysmic fall out.  The end result: loss of someone she holds dear, her son.  

Will she be able to give her son the answers he seeks?  Will she be able to save him from the fate that caused her to remove herself from her son’s life?

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Forbidden: The Prince’s Most Coveted Possession

The story of a young servant, Roselynn, who is content with her circumstances but is still the consummate dreamer. She catches a glimpse of the Prince (soon to be King) and begins having fantasies of being his bride. Much to her surprise the Prince, Philippe, takes a liking to her as well. He arranges a meeting with her under the pre-tense of needing a younger woman to become his chambermaid (a claim that the prior woman has grown sloppy in her old age is his reasoning). Quiet, unspoken exchanges happen (she being unable to repress her fantasies, he being unable to hide his growing desire). He tries speaking with her, testing her intelligence, and she feigns complete ignorance. He stumbles upon her singing one day when she believes that he is gone.  Their lives change in ways they never suspected.  

Will Philippe defy all and give in to the calling of his heart?  Or will he suppress a feeling that causes him turmoil? 
Will Roselynn allow her dreams to possibly come true?  Or will she deny herself happiness for the betterment of the kingdom?

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A Dreamer’s Today:

A Dreamer’s Today is a book of short stories with characters that deal with issues from being stalked by a best friend to the duplicitous cheating of a husband and wife. Each character has a story to share and an issue to deal with. Ride the roller coaster of these life-like dreams from Author E. L. R. Jones.

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Life in “E” motion:

Life in “E” motion is a book of poetry.  The book takes the reader on a journey through the Author’s life.  Go with her as she makes her discoveries from teenager to Woman to Mother.

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