The “E” Motioned News – December Author Spotlight

By E.L.R. Jones

Author’s Name:  M.L. Stephens

Latest Work: Angie’s Song due March 2014

                It’s not every day that you get to take a moment to take in and enjoy a good book.  One of my favorite movie quotes is:  “Every single one of these people is going to die someday, and they all know it, which is why they tend to regard the time they have on this planet as precious.”  I have had the pleasure of reading M.L. Stephen’s work. I also adore her cover art.

Her most recent release of A Witch’s Curse has been well received with 20 reviews on Amazon and an average of 5 stars.  My favorite scene in the book was when Drago had a tender moment with Clyde (you’ll see when you read it).  I love when Alpha male shows the tender/playful side of themselves.  M.L. has close to 4300 likes on her Facebook page and close to 500 on her Amazon Author page.  You don’t build that type of following without doing something right.

                A little about M.L.:

Her family is her inspiration. She is a mother of four children.  She has 2 cats and 1 dog. If she could choose an Author to work with, it would be J.R. Ward.  Her pen name is Missy Leigh (she uses both, didn’t know that!).

I believe every Author has a character or book that is close to their hearts.  M.L.’s Broken series has her heart. 

                What does the future hold?

“To write, write and write some more.” Missy Leigh’s erotica will release January 2014. She will also be on a book tour throughout 2014 into 2015.

Advice to a Newcomer/New Author from the Author:  

“Never give up. Keep learning, growing and writing.”

This is something to take note of!! ~ E.L.R. Jones Image



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