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When I look at this photo all I think of is the opening to Sesame Street. Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet.  Can you tell me how to get… you know the rest.  It is what I am feeling today.  I am feeling a whole new world of excitement.  As I continue on this journey of walking away from the status quo, {the mundane, the robotic journey} and work towards the goal of seeing the dream come to fruition. I am ebullient and with pride.  Strength to step out and do something completely outside of your comfort zone is not something many can boast of having the courage to do.

I walk in the fact that this boast is not an “all talk” situation for me.  I decided that I needed to let go of all of the things that were weighing me down.  All of things and people that said “No, you can’t do this.  It’s not the time.”  When you know something is right, when you feel a stirring to move, then guess what? MOVE!! Fear can be debilitating.  Naysayers will bind you to the “everyday routine.” Haters will rain down on your parade in every way possible. Misery does travel in packs and it revels in the company. 

If you wake up and realize that your life is in no way what it should be, then it is time for you to do some reevaluating.  It may not be something as drastic as moving to another state and letting go of everything to start over.  It may be a simple gesture of changing a habit or routine.  It may be walking away from that constant negative in your life.  Why put off until tomorrow what you could do today? Know that this decision is not always a spur of the moment thing.  Sometimes it does take time, but when it is made, then take a page from Nike and “Just do it!”

In the coming months, I will be posting Author Spotlights that will stem from a newsletter that I am sending out.  I hope you enjoy the monthly Spotlights as much as I will as I get to know my fellow Authors in this industry.

~ E.


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