Patience is a virtue… and Lord knows I’m still working on it!

The header of all of my blogs should be “The Life & Times of an Overactive Mind.” I tell you the truth!!

I have to laugh at myself at times. If you follow my blog, my website, facebook or talk to me on a regular basis, then you can tell how much I have going on in my head.  There is never a time that my mind is set to an “off” position.  I am always in motion.  I am an ever consuming machine. 

When I began this journey, I stated that I would focus on one thing, one day at a time.  For any that have ever suffered from any form of mental or psychological disorder, then you can understand just how hard that statement is to follow.  I know that I am a poster child for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  It drives me to do things that others wouldn’t necessarily do.  I think I enjoy throwing my life into a world of chaos just so that I have the ability to analyze the situation, organize it and work through it.  Seriously, who does that? ME!

I like taking on the impossibly ambiguous jobs/projects.  I like “biting off more than I can chew.” It is the thrill of knowing that I am able to complete the project and knowing that I did it. 

Now, the downfall of it all.  I tend to do that ever crushing thing of comparing my success with other’s.  I tend to try to take it all on and not request assistance from others until it is too late to do so.  These are things that I have come to recognize and am working to rectify. 

 I have to keep telling myself that I can’t compare myself with others because I have only been doing this for a few months.  I have made strides some hadn’t even thought of when they first started out.  I am grateful for that.  There are moments though when I want to jump forward to the next phase.  Moments, when I want to have my audience and followers established.  Moments, when I want to be able to bask in the glory of my success.  I am grateful for what I have accomplished though.  Every day is a step closer to the realization.

If you notice a running them of encouragement here it is because anyone who is “venturing out” to do something outside of their comfort zone needs to have that.  Some of the words that I share with you are words that I am speaking to those that come to me for comfort.  Others come from those that continue to encourage me.  Maybe, this was the day that you, the reader, needed to know that you weren’t alone in the struggle.

Today’s revelation: Take a moment to look at what you have accomplished and glory in it.  Don’t compare who you are to others, nothing good ever comes of it.



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