My three course meal (The full plate syndrome)

Many have been guilty of this, but I never thought I would be one in that number.  I was sitting here thinking of all the things that I needed to do.  I thought about the changes about to take place.  I even thought about the mental “Things to do List” I created for myself. As I thought these things over, I felt the need to complain about it all.  I felt this overwhelming urge to scream because there are moments when I want to clone myself or put a pause on time so that I will have more minutes within my day. 

I stopped today and really thought about what I was doing.  Being a self-published Author is something that I chose to step off into.  This stage of my life would be the main course.  These days spent with promotion, reviewing, writing and editing are my days of the meat and potatoes of my life.  I should be taking it all in and enjoying the feedback that I am receiving.  In the almost 3 months that I have been a published Author, I have cultivated some fantastic and long lasting relationships.  I have touched lives that I would never have imagined.

The moments that have led up to this were my appetizer.  I have been putting off following my dreams and sharing my natural born gift for far too long.  So, I am savoring the flavors of my hearty meal and awaiting the moments when I am basking in the glow of knowledge that I have a glorious topping for my coming dessert.  I may drop my utensil, but I will pick it up, wash it off and continue on.  May I have seconds please?!! ~E.L.R. Jones


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