A letter to myself

I don’t know how many people have had this thought but it has been one that has been weighing on my mind. I wish I could go back in time and step into the shoes of my 10 year junior self. There are some things that I would want her to know, to understand and to let go of. 

Today, I would say to my future self:
1. Don’t look back and regret the choices you’ve made. They were made because you stepped out on faith.
2. Know that there is a reason that you walked away from certain individuals.  There are those that are more of a hindrance and weight than anything else.
3. Keep living life to the fullest. It is your gift and no one can choose how you live it.
4. It is a blessing to be an inspiration to others. It is also a marker that you are living life as you are supposed to. Continue to live that inspiring life because you never know the lives you may touch.
5. Lastly, never cease following your dreams. Don’t stop writing.

What would you say to your future or former self? Take a moment to think on it or even write it down. You might surprise yourself with what you find. ~E.L.R. Jones


2 thoughts on “A letter to myself

  1. There’s much power in your concise yet inspiring format. Thank you for the prod…you may see some form of a response to your question on my blog sometime! I love your #4.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and reviewing it. I will check yours soon to see what your reply is.

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